Men Who Date Gamers Say They Make Rubbish Partners

There's far less of a gender divide in gaming than everyone thinks there is (in fact, around 52% of gamers are female) - but there are still differences in the way men and women experience gaming. Read More >>

New Research Shows That Opposites Attract, But Only Under One Condition

The saying “opposites attract” is a little too simple for my liking when it comes to relationships, but if two new studies are any indication, there might be some science behind that theory. Researchers at Charles University in the Czech Republic published a paper last month in Frontiers in Psychology that proposes single people are more attracted to people who look less like them, compared to those in relationships. Read More >>

Woman Punishes Cheating Boyfriend With Game of Thrones Spoilers

A really quite industrious angry ex-girlfriend has come up with a great way to get back at her hated former partner -- using every messaging service in existence to spam him with Game of Thrones spoilers. Read More >>

New Data Suggests You Only Have Five Close Friends 

You might not have as many close friends as you think. Researchers have provided new evidence that lends weight to a theory that says you can only maintain five close friendships. Read More >>

Facebook is Testing a Weird Way to Make Break-Ups Easier

If anyone from The Carpenters to Neil Sedaka has taught us anything, it's that Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. There’s no way around it. But now, somewhat perplexingly, Facebook wants to make it easier by offering a tool that will block your ex’s name or photo from showing up on your feed. Read More >>

Is There Really an Equation for Staying in Love?

Psychologists John and Julie Gottman spent years observing couples’ behaviour and developed a method that claims to predict a romantic relationship’s chances of long-term success. They’ve (of course) used what they learned to create a $750 (£486)per-couple workshop that aims to help people become better partners. Read More >>

Docile Men Wanted to Satisfy Demands of Brazillian Women

The town of Noiva do Cordeiro in south-east Brazil is apparently so packed with women they're having to advertise for men to come and fulfil their needs -- and meet their list of behavioural demands. Read More >>

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Science Explains How Romantic Attraction is Just About Sex

When you see somebody for the first time, your brain fires off so many synapses and your senses process so much information in an instant that you basically know whether you're attracted to somebody in just seconds. Ted-Ed explains the science behind this and it all boils down to which mate has better reproductive qualities for your future offspring, or more crudely put, who you want to bone. Read More >>

The Science of Female Condoms: The Future of Sex?

Once derided as being like a plastic bag with the erotic appeal of a jellyfish, the female condom is being reinvented as the next big thing in safe sex. Emily Anthes investigates. Read More >>

The Most Common Relationship Advice, Visualised for Valentine’s

Ahead of the schmaltz that is Valentine's Day, how about a little advice? This visualisation shows the most frequently provided words of relationship wisdom so you can console your friends—or yourself—tomorrow. Read More >>

Homosexual, Childless, Tea-Making Couples are Happiest, Study Reveals

A lengthy study by the Open University into what makes long-term relationships work has been published today, revealing that gay couples tend to be happier with their relationships than heterosexual ones. Read More >>

This Is What a Breakup Looks Like as Cold, Hard Data

Breakin' up is, as Neil Sedaka once sagely pointed out, hard to do. But for one recently divorced woman, studying the data behind the breakup was a balm to help her through a tough emotional time. Read More >>

“Gut Reaction” Scientific Love Test May Predict Chance of a Successful Marriage

Scientists have come up with a modern take on the age old concept of the love test, which they claim successfully measures whether partners are actually suited to each other or just going along with it all for the sake of it. Read More >>