Watching This Super Precise Robot Doodle is Super Satisfying

Evil Mad Scientist’s new AxiDraw V3 personal drawing machine can use any pen or marker to print or write on your behalf if your penmanship is awful. But simply watching the machine draw ultra-precise doodles and complex patterns is so satisfying you might be able to justify its £375 price tag as just a relaxation tool. [Evil Mad Scientist via Make] Read More >>

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An Amusement Park That’s Also a Giant Spa is Obviously the Greatest Idea Ever

The Japanese city of Beppu is known for its countless hot springs and spas that pop up around them. So much so, that the city’s mayor, Yasuhiro Nagano, pledged to build an entire spa-themed amusement park — although it might not be quite as awesome as the one featured in this promotional video. Read More >>

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Flying Inches Above a Reflective Lake Is the Most Relaxing Thing

How do you relax at the end of a long day? A film? A good book? Maybe a long soak in the bath? Well you’re doing it all wrong. Read More >>

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Let the Calm Wash Over You as This Dam Opens Its Spillway for the Very First Time

Behold the majestic Banja Dam in Albania. It’s a huge hydroelectric project that hit a big milestone over the weekend—its reservoir reached over 550 metres above sea level. To release some of the excess water, dam operators opened the spillway for the very first time and filmed the event from the air. The dang thing just keeps. On. Going. Read More >>

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Dropping a GoPro In a Lava Lamp Is Like Peering Inside a Beating Human Heart

As relaxing as a lava lamp is to watch from the outside, from the inside it’s a whole other level of mesmerising. You’d assume that dropping a GoPro in a working lava lamp would be like diving into an active volcano, but the footage is more akin to peering inside a beating human heart as blood cells swirl all around you. Read More >>