Valve Kicks Steam Machine Hardware Back to 2015

Valve's PC-hardware-in-the-lounge dream has been delayed, with the famed Half-Life developer pushing back the launch of its official Steam Machine boxes and that odd controller until 2015. Read More >>

Chromecast to Launch in the UK 9am Wednesday 19th March

Google's video streaming tech has been available in the US since last July, but for some reason we haven't had a UK release. The best we've had are rumours and hints via job listings. In fact the only way us Brits have been able to get our hands on one so far is to import one from the States. But no longer, as it looks like Chromecast is coming to the UK, and sooner than you might think. Read More >>

Nexus 4 rooting guide
CyanogenMod 10.1 Is Very Nearly Almost Fully-Baked

If you haven't tried CyanogenMod yet, now might be the time. Arguably the best custom ROM for oodles of Android devices has finally hit "release candidate", based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. That means we're just one step away from a final, "stable" build. Jump on over to CyanogenMod to grab a free upgrade for your phone. And if you need a hand installing it, check out our Tweakmodo series. [CyanogenMod] Read More >>

It’s Official: GTA V Will Arrive in Spring 2013

Seems like those leaked posters were spot-on. Rockstar's come out and officially announced that GTA V will hit your consoles in Spring next year, which means we could be back to our pedestrian-squishing ways as early as March 2013. Read More >>

Windows 8 Nearly Done, “Release Preview” Due in Early June

Release preview means something like "very nearly finished version" in Microsoft world, where its many boffins are almost done creating the next build of its world-beating OS. Read More >>

New MacBook Pro 2012 May Be Imminent

The next-generation MacBook Pro 2012 may be just around the corner: multiple Apple resellers are reporting the pro macs as out of stock, including J&R and Best Buy in the US. In fact, the latter is not accepting orders. Read More >>

You’ll Be Able to Get Your Grubby Mitts on the Nokia Lumia 900 From April 27th In the UK

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a slightly bigger and faster version of the Lumia 800 to sate your massive hands, or maybe Nokia’s sparked your desire with its Easter launch party. At any rate you can now sink your pre-order cash for an April 27th delivery to your door and get it before the month is out. Read More >>

Google Planning 7″ Android Tablet This Summer?

Google has plans to launch an own-brand Android tablet some time later this year, with one analyst claiming the search giant has been secretly assembling a 7" model. Read More >>

Samsung’s White Galaxy Nexus Now Due on Feb 13th

Samsung's all-white Galaxy Nexus, which was due to arrive today, has been pushed back a week. If you're keen on getting the flashier version of the Android 4.0 mobile, Samsung now says the white Nexus is scheduled to arrive in "a range of stores across the country" from Monday February 13th. [Samsung] Read More >>

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography
steve jobs
Read the Revelations in Full: Book of Jobs Now Available

You've seen the leaks -- now it's time to read the whole thing. Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography is available starting today in hardback with ebooks available since late yesterday. List price is £25, but it'll set you back from £12.50 in hardcover. [Amazon via TUAW] Read More >>