Churches Won’t Have to Have Sunday Services Anymore

A 400-year old law mandating that all churches had to hold a weekly service on Sundays has been changed after the Bishop of Willesden called it "out of date." Read More >>

Pope Verifies Miracle With Boss to Pave Way for New British Saint

The pope has somehow "authenticated" a miracle involving historic English do-gooder Cardinal Newman, which opens up the opportunity for Newman to be handed a full-on sainthood. Read More >>

Pope Endorses App

Apps! They’re everywhere! Even Pope Francis is endorsing them. On Sunday, the pontiff touted an app called ClickToPray ahead of the World Youth Day festival in Panama. Read More >>

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Warns Big Data Will Usher in the Antichrist and, Well, Hmm

The devil is in the downloads, says Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church. In a recent interview with the state-run Russia-1 TV network, Kirill warned that smart devices like cell phones and social networks could enable the rise of Satan’s chosen and the rule of darkness until the end times. Read More >>

How Ancient Religious Texts Went Digital

In the 1940s, as the Italian Jesuit priest Father Roberto Busa studied “the verbal system” of Thomas Aquinas, he wondered if, perhaps, there was “any gadget” that could help him develop a concordance—an alphabetical listing of all words written by the 13th century philosopher saint, complete with conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, and their citations. Read More >>

A Catholic Church Group Has Launched a Pokémon Go Clone

If you're passionate about the idea of video games that get you out into the world interacting with objectives in real world locations, but your church leader believes Pokémon are tools of the devil, then a new smartphone game might fit a little better into your religious life. Read More >>

stephen hawking
Hey, Did You Know Stephen Hawking Thought There Is No God?

In what would be somewhat of a revelation had the late theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking not been one of the world’s most famous atheists – and spoken or written on the topic on numerous occasions – media outlets are playing up that Hawking’s final book Brief Answers to the Big Questions contains the assertion that there is no God. Read More >>

Derby Cathedral’s Pagan Horror Film Night Didn’t Go Down Very Well

The current holders of the god-worship franchise at Derby Cathedral realised that people would rather stay at home in their houses watching films than go somewhere cold and uncomfortable to sing songs they don't know the words or tune of -- so they put on a film night. That'll get them in, they thought, and we can metaphorically crucify them by overcharging for snacks. And it did get them in, with punters enjoying a baffling night of 70s action in the form of pagan horror The Wicker Man and grim psychic thriller Don't Look Now. In Derby Cathedral. Read More >>

American Christians’ Vision of God Looks Suspiciously Like Elon Musk

If you asked 100 random strangers what God looks like, you’d probably get around 100 different responses. But if you specifically asked American Christians, and then aggregated their answers, you’d apparently end up with a face that’s so close to Tesla founder and aspiring mole man Elon Musk it’s frankly bizarre. Read More >>

Church of England Uses Alexa to Pray For Your Soul

Too lazy to pray because it quite clearly doesn't work? Want to get into religion but find muttering to an invisible person a bit silly? Well has the Church of England got the tech solution for you! Alexa can do your prayers now, if you're thinking it might be a good idea to hedge your bets on there actually being an afterlife. Read More >>

Priests Are Performing Exorcisms Over the Phone Now

Thanks to advancements in telecommunications, more people are starting to work remotely—including Catholic exorcists. Read More >>

Church People Declare Star Wars Screening Sinful, Heathens Carry on Regardless

There are people out there who consider Sunday a special day because it belongs to God, even though most of us aren't fussed and don't want the big man in the sky telling us how we should be spending our precious time off. Some of those people got together to protest a screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi this past Sunday, though the blasphemous sci-fi fans opted to ignore them. Read More >>

The Internet Has Made People More Casual About Religion

Contrary to what you might assume after hate-browsing Facebook, it seems the internet may have actually made people less dogmatic about religion. A recent study published in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion has found evidence that the more we use the internet, the less likely we are to have a specific religious affiliation or to believe in and practice one religion exclusively. Read More >>

Does Uber’s Fired Self-Driving Car Guru Really Believe This Shit?

Anthony Levandowski is the artificial intelligence whiz at the heart of the nasty legal dispute between Waymo and Uber. Following his unceremonious firing from Uber, he’s been keeping himself busy by founding a church based on the idea of worshipping a future AI deity. As he shares more details about his philosophy, we have to ask: Is this guy for real? Read More >>

Italian Scientists Report Patient Who Sweats Blood

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