Red Poppy Will Now Represent Civilians Killed in Acts of Terror Too

The iconic red poppy is getting a refresh to expand the symbolism to encompass victims of terrorism. Read More >>

New Social Network for the Dead Lets You Remember/Harass the Deceased

A new and rather poorly designed social network going by the name of Departed Life wants to make remembering dead people a new kind of internet fun, with its remembrance portal letting users set up memorials to the deceased. Read More >>

The Void of Losing Someone You Don’t Know — in Memory of Aaron Swartz

I didn't know Aaron Swartz personally. We never spoke, not in person nor by email. Read More >>

Twitter Users in Online Armistice Day Remembrance Service

Twitter is perhaps not the ideal place to commemorate our brave war dead, but if you're stuck on a computer it's better than nothing. Unofficial account Poppy_Tweet is coordinating "hymns" -- and will tell you when it's silence time. [BBC] Read More >>