This ’80s Version of the Game of Thrones Theme is Totally Radical

If you think about it, the battle for control over the lands of Westeros would totally still make sense if it were set in the 1980s. It now even has an appropriate remix of its theme song as written and performed by Steve Duzz. Read More >>

A Melodious Mashup of Nearly Every Chime and Bleep in Tech History

Close your eyes at any given moment, and you're likely to hear an audio artifact or two — whether the boo-dah-ling of a text message or the clacking of a keyboard. But as this new sound collage reminds us, hundreds of once-familiar audio cues are now doomed to obscurity, thanks to technology's forward march. Read More >>

Battlestar Galactica Friends
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What If Battlestar Galactica Was Actually Friends?

Forget the genocide, the war on fleshbots skinjobs, and the whole struggling to survive thing. What if Battlestar Galactica was just about mates living in an apartment in space. Oh the wacky tomfoolery that could be had. It really does work sickeningly well. [YouTube via DigitalSpy via io9] Read More >>

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Supercut of Epic Movie Visions of the Future Looks Past the Apocalypse

Who doesn't love a good movie about the future? Zany gadgets, floating cars, dystopian cities — we've seen it all on the big screen. And here's the very best of the lot of them. Read More >>

Giving Mario a Portal Gun Was the Work of a Pure Genius

Have you ever thought about what a classic like Super Mario Bros would be like if you added a portal gun into the mix? Wonder no more; the folks at Stabyourself have released Mari0 – a glorious remake of the classic platformer now with just a touch of portal jumping-magic. Read More >>

Massive Bass
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Australians Give Siri a Dubstep Remix

What happens when you combine the female Siri (sorry UK Siri man), with an Australian electro-artist? Dubstep Siri of course! Listen and be amazed by the 'Massive Bass', and the somewhat reluctant sounding Siri. [YouTube via Gizmodo Australia] Read More >>