Samsung’s New TV Remotes Will Control Your Whole Set-Up

It’s very easy indeed to end up with a sofa arm littered with button-clad boxes. But while after-market multi-device controllers exist, Samsung plans to solve the problem straight out of the box with its new smart TV remotes. Read More >>

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Make Your Android Phone a Universal Remote Control

Want to throw away your pile of remotes, but don't want to shell out for a pricey universal remote device? It's getting easier to just use your smartphone to change the channel. SureMote, a free app that debuted an updated version this weekend, wants you to control every appliance in your house with your phone. It allows users to flip through channels on smart TVs, make sure a Roomba is cleaning the right corners, and control LED lights, no remotes required. Read More >>

A Star Trek Phaser TV Remote is Perfect for Fast-Forwarding Enterprise

The only thing more satisfying for Star Trek fans than fast-forwarding through Enterprise's awful opening credits would be doing it with this wonderfully detailed phaser prop universal remote. Created using 3D scans of the actual hero prop used on the original Star Trek series, the phaser remote will be officially revealed at ThinkGeek's San Diego Comic Con booth next week. Read More >>

You’ll Never Destroy This Heavy Duty Remote In a Post-Sports Rage

Is there anything more infuriating than watching your favourite team lose while you've spent the past two hours shouting fantastic coaching advice at the screen? Taking your frustration out on your TV's remote can help, particularly if it's able to shrug off the abuse like this impressive heavy duty alternative you can build yourself. Read More >>

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Declutter Your Coffee Table and Control Your Lights With These Smart Remotes

Logitech's announced two new universal remote controls to try and tidy up your cluttered coffee table. Not just that, but they can control your lights and even make use of Wi-Fi. Take that, poor range. Read More >>

Does Your Bottle Cap Fire Off a Cannon When You Open It?

The bevvy-merchants at Strongbow have designed what being touted as the world's first digital bottle cap which doubles as a rudimentary remote. Using RFID technology, the StartCap can do everything from turning off the lights, to powering up your stereo when you crack open a cold one. Read More >>

This Complicated Remote Brings Back Terrible Memories

There's no definitive proof that the creators of this incredibly complicated button-laden remote drew their inspiration from Nokia's ill-fated N-Gage gaming phone, but there are enough similarities to spark some uncomfortable flashbacks. The Fly Mouse is designed to replace your mouse, keyboard, and TV remote with an all-in-one radial spiral of buttons that will have even the most adept touch typist hunting and pecking again. Read More >>

The First Wireless TV Remote Looked and Worked Like a Sci-Fi Ray Gun

As we mourn the passing of Eugene J. Polley, it's worth taking a look back at his seminal invention that changed how we all lounge about watching TV. But when the first commercial wireless remote control appeared way back in 1955, it bears little resemblance to the remotes we use today. Read More >>