This New NASA Mission Will Create an Unprecedented, 3D Map of Earth’s Forests

The secret to stabilising Earth’s climate could rest in the world’s forests. That’s why, this week, a team of researchers is sending a high-tech reconnaissance operative to the International Space Station to figure out how much carbon is stored in our planet’s trees. Read More >>

Parts of That ‘Lost Maya City’ Might Actually Be a Marijuana Farm

In a story that keeps on getting weirder, a scientist familiar with the Mexican region where a Canadian teen claims to have discovered a lost Mayan settlement says at least one of these features is either an abandoned cornfield—or a marijuana operation. Read More >>

Experts Doubt That a Teen Found a Lost Mayan City

A Canadian teen says he discovered a lost Mayan city using ancient star maps and satellite images provided by NASA and Google. As the remarkable story went viral yesterday, a number of experts spoke out, saying it’s highly unlikely that these features are those of a forgotten Mayan settlement. Read More >>