What it Really Takes to Make Renault’s F1 Cars Go Fast

It’s hardly surprising Renault gave us a high-performance Megane 220 RS model so we could rock up at the Renault F1 team headquarters in deepest Oxfordshire. The car drives like a go-kart, and takes us through the sharp countryside curves like it’s on rails before spitting us out in the car park of Enstone. Read More >>

Renault Wants Half of its Cars to be Electric or Hybrid by 2022

With governments increasingly start to worry about things like pollution and air quality, plus that whole 'price of oil' thing, we've seen more and more declare an end date for the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. So it no surprise that car companies have started setting targets for themselves, with Renault being the latest. Read More >>

Renault’s Car of the Future is Also a Spare Room for Your House

Renault has released a load of concept images of a car it calls the Symbioz, an all-electric (obviously), self-driving (obviously), connected vehicle (obviously), that when it's not being driven is designed to be hung out in like tent, small caravan or a little loft room (randomly). Read More >>

Renault Plans a Battery Farm With the Capacity of a Power Station

Renault has had another idea about what to do with electric car batteries that are slightly past their prime -- bank them all up in one place and make something with the same peak energy output capability as a coal or gas power station. Better make sure there's a good sprinkler system installed. Read More >>

Renault’s Zoe Has the Longest Range of any Mainstream Electric Car

Petroleum-based fuels can't last forever, that's a well known fact. But adoption of electric cars hasn't been all that high. Renault hopes that its new Zoe will help things along, offering a 250-mile range that it hopes will break down any fears drivers have of running out of juice. Read More >>

This Stunning Alpine Vision Prototype is The Only Car I Would Ever Want

I've always loved the Alpine, the classic French roadster with a Renault engine. It's been my favourite car along with the 911 since I was a little kid. Read More >>

New Car Owners Have Fewer Free Paint Job Options Than a Decade Ago

If you've got your heart set on a particular colour for your new car, you're going to have to put aside a fair chunk of money to realise the dream. A new report from consumer watchdog Which? shows that car manufacturers are offering far fewer free colour options than they once did. Read More >>

ASA: Renault’s Slow-Motion Bouncing Boobs Advert “Objectifies” Women

A rather artistic advert for the Renault Clio has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority, after viewers complained that its bra-wearing burlesque dancers were a bit on the sexist side and were guilty of throwing television advertising back to the 1970s. Read More >>

Oh My God, Some Guy Was Trapped in a Car Stuck at 125MPH and Somehow Didn’t Die

This sounds ridiculously stressful: Frank Lecerf was driving his car adapted for the disabled in France when it got stuck at 60MPH. He tried to brake. The car accelerated. He tried to brake again. It kept getting faster. Finally, the car ended up stuck, zooming along at 125MPH, and there was no way to stop it. Lecerf drove for over an hour at 125MPH and somehow didn't even get into an accident. Read More >>

Has Israel Finally Made the Electric Car Usable With the Help of Robots?

Electric cars are pretty awesome for the most part. Like-for-like they're more powerful; putting down maximum power from the moment you hit the loud pedal. They're "green" too, I guess, but range has always been an issue. What if you could just park in a robotic garage for five minutes and get your old, depleted battery swapped for a freshly charged new one, ready to hit the road? That's what Israel's doing. Read More >>

London Gets Its First All-Electric Cab

ClimateCars has just added the electric Renault Fluence Z.E. to its line-up of eco-friendly London taxis just in time for the Olympics. Londoners will be able to zip along knowing that they’re not pumping out noxious gases while sitting in traffic, or at least their cab isn't. Read More >>