Report: Solar is Much Worse Than Other Renewables

Solar is an established — and constantly improving — form of renewable power. But according to a new report by the European Union its economic impact is incredibly costly, and far worse than wind and even hydroelectric power. Read More >>

World’s Largest Landfill Will Soon be NYC’s Biggest Solar Facility

At one time, Freshkills Park was the world's largest landfill, receiving the majority of NYC's waste. Now, it's being made into a park nearly three times the size of Central Park, and Mayor Bloomberg announced yesterday it will soon include the city's largest solar energy installation. Read More >>

Japan Mulls Nixing Nukes in Favour of Farming Wind

Japan has quite had its fill of nuclear power, thank you very much. As the country rebuilds from the devastating 2011 tsunami and subsequent Daiichi power plant disaster, it's looking toward alternate energy sources. Good call, minna-san. Read More >>

This Boring Warehouse Is Actually the World’s Biggest Battery

There aren't enough letters in the alphabet to classify this monstrous battery China's built. D x 1,000? Not even close. With arrays larger than a football field it can store a whopping 36 megawatt hours of power. Read More >>