Mega Turbine With 107m Blades Begins Tests in the UK

A very large and awkwardly shaped package has arrived in the UK, with General Electric's offshore wind team signing for it and beginning the process of assembling and testing what will soon be the largest wind turbine in the world, complete with blades 107 metres long. Read More >>

Low-Carb Power Crossed 50 Per Cent Milestone in 2018

53 per cent of the UK's electricity was created by non-fossil generating sources in 2018, although this figure does include power coming from nuclear options so isn't quite all world-saving amazing news, depending on if you're #TeamNuclear or not. Read More >>

Scottish Wind Power Bails Out Your Southern Air Conditioners

Scotland and its array of on and off-shore wind turbines hit a new record for renewable energy production in the first half of 2019, with enough power generated to fully run all the daisy-chained chargers and cheese chilling fridges of 4.47 million homes. Read More >>

E.ON Puts Everyone on a Renewable Tariff for Nothing

Electricity provider E.ON has switched all of its UK subscribers to a 100 per cent renewable tariff, leaving its 3.3 million customers happy in the knowledge that no coal was harmed in the charging of their smart devices. Read More >>

Even Under a Coal-Loving Leader, Australia Is Leading the Charge for Renewables

In Australia, record-breaking rooftop solar installations are helping the country increase its renewable energy generation. By 2030, renewables could make up more than half the electricity generated in the land down under, according to an analysis out Wednesday from a team of researchers. Read More >>

Ikea Pushes 100 Per Cent Renewable Electricity Plans

Ikea has joined up with a thing calling itself the Big Clean Switch, which wants to make it easy for households to switch their energy supplier to one that can demonstrably prove it sources 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources. Read More >>

800,000 Low-Income Houses Will be Getting Free Solar Panels

Renewable energy provider Solarplicity has just announced one of the largest green energy schemes the UK has seen to date, which will see up to 800,000 low-income homes get free solar panels installed over the next five years. Read More >>

Scotland Nearly Hits Renewable Power Independence

The turbines dotting the hills of Scotland had a cracking month in May, with the modern white totems to consumerism and their solar panel chums generating 95 per cent of the country's home electrical needs. Read More >>

Every Lamp Post Could be a Wind Turbine

This amazing vision of the future could be coming to a high street near you, as long as it doesn't shred up all the pigeons and leave the roads littered with blood and feathers. It's the work of Scottish companies NVT Group and Own Energy Solutions, who foresee the UK as a land in which the street lights power themselves so there's more electricity left in the bank for kettles and phone chargers. Read More >>

Tidal Lagoon Sea Power Plans Should go Ahead Says Report

A review into the long-mooted possibility of concreting up parts of estuaries to create massive tidal energy generation schemes says it should go ahead, which is great news for fans of a planned project to build a lagoon spanning the Severn estuary. Read More >>

Dogger Bank Super Wind Farm Approved

The coast off Yorkshire will soon be home to the biggest offshore wind farm in the world, thanks to plans for the 400-plus turbine Dogger Bank Creyke Beck development being given the go ahead. Read More >>

Riot Hit Pembury Estate Brightened up by 2,000 Solar Panels

Fancy moving to the hottest new eco-development in London? Thanks to the government's dwindling solar power feed-in budget, residents of the battle-scarred Pembury Estate are now luxuriating in cheap, renewable energy. Read More >>