Paying Rent Will Soon Help Your Credit Rating

The government's looking into ways of adding rent payments into credit check scores, seeing as rent is the one big bill people always try the hardest to pay and this proof of being good at money management may help young folk encumber themselves with gigantic mortgages on awful flats until they die. And it's looking for someone to assemble an app to help. Read More >>

Oxford’s Shark Roof House is up for Rent

A house is up for rent in Oxford. No, this isn't the slowest news day in history, it's quite an interesting house. It's the one you've probably seen before with a model of a shark poking out of its roof. Our sensible dad ways mean we can only worry this might lead to leaks, noise in high winds, and could attract students to the vicinity of the property. Read More >>

Young People Have No Hope Of Owning A Home, Report Confirms

You smashed it at university, got a great degree - with the unfortunate side of debt they serve it with - and now you're in a good job that pays decent money. In the old days that would see you on the housing ladder in no time. Not any more though, because there aren't enough houses, the ones that exist are massively overpriced, and London's flats are acquired as investments and left empty. Read More >>

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Rents Might Have Gone Down A Bit For The First Time In Effing Ages

For the first time since 2010, the average rent for a new tenancy has apparently fallen by 0.6% to a positively bargainous £921 a month, according to estate agents Countrywide. We're all saved. Read More >>

Monopoly Board Updated With Modern London Rents

Thinking you might be able to afford a flatshare in Old Kent Road when the boat comes in and you land a plump non-paid internship with a London-based social media company thanks to all those  funny things you've put on Facebook? Think again. Read More >>

London Underground “Tube Map for Rent” Shows Where You Can Afford to Live

A tube map that tries to show where you can -- or more likely can't -- afford to live in London has been created, breaking it down by tube stop so it's easy to not bother getting off anywhere nice unless you're seriously minted. Read More >>

Landlord Fined for Letting Out a £420pm Flat Accessible Via Tiny Hatch

A landlord in Barnet has been fined over £3000 for letting out a converted loft that required its occupiers to crawl to get inside. Read More >>

Londoners, Try to Be Happy — Singapore is the REAL Most Expensive City

An entirely different set of metrics to the ones used by some other people has decided that, no, London isn't really the most expensive place to exist in the world -- it's actually Singapore. London doesn't even make the top six. Read More >>