Airbnb Will Help New York City Track Down Illegal Rentals, and Other Cities Could Be Next

Airbnb and New York City have a long and contentious history. On the one hand, Airbnb wants everything to be hunky dory in its biggest market. On the other, New York City’s stringent short-term rental laws effectively make many Airbnb rentals illegal in the city. New Yorkers are also caught up in the mix – affordable housing is hard enough to find as it is and some residents are unhappy with the revolving door of strangers coming in and out of apartments. Read More >>

Looks Like Airbnb Manipulated its Own Data to Appear Less Evil

Airbnb decided to voluntarily release data in December to show just how much of a boon to the local economy the service can be. The problem: Airbnb apparently tampered with the data before they released it. Read More >>

London’s Boris Bikes Gain App Control for Bonus Hipster Points

The Boris Bikes -- or the Santander Cycles as their new sponsor would like them to be known -- parked on various London streets for people to pop out and take for a spin, are about to be made that little bit easier to manage via the arrival of a bespoke mobile app. Read More >>

Blockbuster Is Broke Again and Going Back Into Administration

Even the purse-tightening investment team at Gordon Brothers Europe has failed to turn around struggling movie and game rental veterans Blockbuster, with the company announcing it is entering administration for the second time in a year. It's looking like this time really could be the end for the once-mighty high-street store. Read More >>

LoveFilm Begins Phasing Out Video Game Rentals

LoveFilm appears to be edging away from offering video game rentals, with the company changing its packages to deny new customers the option to have game discs sent to them as part of their bundle. Read More >>

BSkyB’s Arse Saved by Netflix and LoveFilm in Movie Distribution Monopoly Investigation

The long-running investigation into BSkyB's possible monopoly of film services in the UK is over, with the Competition Commission finding that Sky doesn't have an unfair stranglehold on distributing Hollywood blockbuster movies in the UK, thanks in part to the new wave of digital streaming services. Read More >>

Google May Add a Very Retro “Buy” Option to its Play Store Film Rentals

Google may soon add the option to buy copies of films through its Google Play Store, with the search giant apparently talking to Hollywood studios about the likelihood of being able to offer digital downloads of titles for its users to keep. Read More >>

Google Launches New Paid Film Rentals in the UK

Google has finally brought a collection of Hollywood blockbusters to the UK, thanks to a full launch of a new collection of paid film rentals over on its UK Movies site. Read More >>