The Phone Repairs You Probably Shouldn’t Try At Home

Having a broken phone is not a situation you want to be in for long but there’s always the question of whether to stump up the cash for a professional repair or have a go at fixing it yourself (assuming you’ve no insurance or warranty coverage). This should be your guide for deciding when to tackle some DIY repairs and when to leave it to the experts. Read More >>

Apple’s Official Phone-Repairing Tech is Coming to a High Street Near You

Apple has announced that it's to make it easier for some third-party resellers of its gear to fix broken screens, as it's to allow some independent shops to install the same technology it uses in Apple shops to help replace broken components. Read More >>

Apple’s Excuse For Random iPhone Shutdowns Sounds Weird But OK

After Apple announced it would offer customers replacement batteries for the iPhone 6S batch that randomly shuts off, the company now knows why the problem occurred: air. Specifically, ambient air a crucial battery component was exposed to for too long. Read More >>

Apple Is Offering Replacements for iPhone 6s Models That Randomly Shut Down

If you have an iPhone 6S that randomly shuts down, you’re not the only one. Apple is aware of a problem that it says affects a small number of phones, and is offering customers replacement batteries for those units. Read More >>

Renovating Parliament Could Take 40 Years Unless Government Shifts to a Portakabin

The latest report into what/how/when to do/fix/bodge the substantial repairs needed by the houses of parliament and their Palace of Westminster home says the work could take a staggering, Sagrada Família-like 40 years to complete, unless it's completely shut for the works. Read More >>

MacBook Pro Graphics Going Berserk? Apple Will Fix it For Free

Providing you bought one of a specific set of computers within a certain time period, that is. Apple's had to deal with a year's worth of reports circulating relating to MacBook Pro computers sold prior to 2014, in which the machines' graphics chips randomly fail. Noting that this is a genuine problem, it's now launching a free repair program for those affected. Read More >>

The Palace of Westminster is Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down…

Parts of our governmental pleasuredome are in such a poor state of repair that the stonework can be crumbled to pieces by hand, with some suggesting £3bn of repair work is needed to stop Parliament caving in and crushing the gravy-trainers inside. Heaven forbid. Read More >>

Ofcom Pushes for Two-Day Phone Line Repairs and Cheaper Superfast Switching

The misery of a broken broadband connection could be solved within two days, if new minimum performance rules submitted to the European Commission by Ofcom come into being in the UK. Read More >>

Why I’d Never Buy a Refurbished Phone, Despite Working In a Repair Centre

Let's start by NOT taking my lead from Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning; the private sector doesn't reward whistle-blowing any more than the public sector does. For the purposes of this article I'll have to remain anonymous, so you'll just have to imagine Morgan Freeman's voice coming out of Alan Partridge's mouth, or something. Read More >>

Get Rid of Dirt Inside Your iPhone 5 Camera with Some Simple Surgery

Look closely at the camera lens of your iPhone 5. See that build-up of dirt and grime behind the glass? Ew! It might seem like the gunk is going to build up forever, inaccessible and making your photos progressively worse. But there is hope. Read More >>

The Apple Store’s New Mystery Machine Helps Unbreak Your iPhone Screen

Just the other day, Apple announced that you can now get your smashed iPhone screen fixed in-store for the low (?) cost of around £100, with or without AppleCare in select stores. This is the machine that lets them do it. Read More >>

Airbus Could Ground All Its A380s For Weeks for Wing Repairs

Airbus's fleet of A380s has been beleaguered by problems with cracks in their wings since January. Now, the company has announced that they could all be grounded for up to eight weeks in order to repair the problems. Read More >>

Replacing the World’s Biggest IMAX Screen Is as Difficult as It Sounds

At almost 30m tall and 36m wide, the screen at the Darling Harbour IMAX Theater in Sydney is the largest in the world. And after 16 years of service, it needed to be replaced. Read More >>