Slow-motion Court Replays Make Crime Look Worse

Researchers looking into the use of slow-motion replays of violent crimes caught on CCTV say the practise may be making the crimes appear worse than they really were, thanks to the way slow-motion clips appear to drag out the attack and let viewers see more intent than may have been there in the first place. Read More >>

Instant Tablet Replays Coming to Wembley Crowd

A lucky group of fans at the forthcoming FA Cup final will get to see live action replays accessed directly from their tablets, as event organisers launch a system that employs multiple angle replays for viewers to pull up on demand. Read More >>

Inventor of the Action Replay Dies

TV producer Tony Verna, who is credited as bringing the instant replay to our TV screens, has died aged 81. His first replay was shown during a US sports broadcast on December 7th, 1963. Read More >>