Now Twitter Is Just Screwing With Us

In the latest iOS update, Twitter killed the last feature that made the platform usable—the @-reply. Goodbye “don’t @ me,” hello “literally can’t @ me.” Your replies to someone’s tweets no longer factor into character count, which is good, but removing the @ all together makes your feed look confusing as hell. Read More >>

Twitter’s @Replies Look Likely to be Phased Out

Not entirely, of course -- Twitter users will still need a method to communicate with each other. But Twitter's Vivian Schiller, Head of News, has hinted that hashtags and @replies will be pushed to the background of the service in order to make it more intuitive for newcomers. Read More >>

Google Tweaks YouTube Comment Management to Appease Angry Content Creators

The YouTube overlords have launched a revised comment management system for the video sharing site, amalgamating all the user feedback into one place. It's a step in the right direction, but most people would still like it put back the way it was, please. Read More >>

Google Patents Social Network That Can Talk to Itself

Google software engineers have patented the concept of a sort of social network auto-responder, mooting a system that learns your usual responses (LOL, haha, :(, etc etc) and then offers to respond to people in a similar manner on your behalf. Read More >>

Twitter’s Verified Elite Can Now Filter Out the Praise/Abuse From the Plebs

Twitter's revealed a new feature it's built to keep its verified celebrity elite happy, with blue-tick users now able to view only RTs and mentions from other tick-having power tweeters. Read More >>

Facebook Is Rolling Out Threaded Comments to Pages and Hyper-Popular Profiles

What was once just an infinitely looping twinkle in a Facebook developer's eye has officially become a reality: comments in reply to comments in reply to posts. Read More >>