Your Electronics are Probably the Product of Forced Labour

The internet keeps a close eye on what companies like Apple, Samsung, and Sony import out of Southeast Asia, since those components hint at products coming down the pipeline. The US Department of Labor keeps a close watch too, but for a very different reason: Uncovering "modern-day slavery" by the companies that make electronics. Read More >>

Report: The iWatch Will Come in Two Sizes and Have NFC

Most of the rumours about Apple's upcoming product launches have swirled around the iPhone 6, which will reportedly have near-field communication capabilities. But today, a report from the Wall Street Journal claims that the soon-to-launch iWatch will also feature NFC, allowing your wearable to act like your wallet. And there's more. Read More >>

Report: Apple Will Begin Making a Jewellery-Classified Gadget This Month

We've been following the emergence of Apple's sapphire production plant in Arizona closely this year, since it tells us a lot about the products coming down the line. Now, Mark Gurman reports, filings from Apple indicate that not only is the company manufacturing a new sapphire product this month—it's being classified as "jewellery." Read More >>

WSJ: Google Is Making an Android Video Game Console and Smartwatch

According to the WSJ, Google is currently developing an Android-based video game console and 'smartwatch'. More Android in more places means more fun. Less interestingly though, Google is also supposedly developing a second version of the Nexus Q. Read More >>

Google’s Zeitgeist Report is Here: The All-Seeing Eye Takes a Long, Hard Look Into Britain’s Soul

Like a mum trawling through her teenage son's internet history, there's nothing more revealing than peeking under Google's covers at what Britain's been searching for this year. 2012's been eventful, for sure; but what tops the list of fastest-rising search terms? The Olympics? Diamond Jubilee? Why is Apple Maps so terrible? Ah, you wish. Read More >>