All 12 Boys and Coach Rescued From Thai Cave

An 18-day ordeal in which the Wild Boars football team was trapped inside a flooded cave complex in northern Thailand has finally come to an end, with the twelfth team member and the coach exiting the cave earlier today. Read More >>

Threat of Heavy Rains Could Force Emergency Evacuation of Boys Trapped in Thai Cave

As 12 boys and their football coach wait to be rescued from a submerged cave in northern Thailand, officials may be forced into action due to expected heavy rains in the coming days. The situation is grave, given a medical assessment claiming the boys and coach are too weak to attempt such a physically demanding escape. Read More >>

A Daring Plan to Rescue Boys Trapped In Thai Cave Is Starting to Take Shape

Earlier this week, 12 Thai boys from a youth soccer team and their coach were discovered by diving experts trapped in an air pocket deep within a submerged cave system. Water levels within the cave complex aren’t expected to drop for months, but a daring plan to rescue the boys is now rapidly taking shape. Read More >>

Daredevils Just Rescued Someone from the South Pole in the Middle of Winter

A team of pilots and a medical worker are in the midst of evacuating a sick staff member from a science base near the South Pole. The rescue attempt is considered treacherous given the extreme midwinter temperatures and distances involved. Read More >>

London Fire Brigade Outs the City’s Worst Lifts

Avoid Barking's Earlsdown House if you value your time, as the lift there has been outed as the one Londoner's are most likely to get stuck in. The fire brigade has been called out 22 times to get people out of its jammed mechanisms. Read More >>

Chilean Miners Were Trapped in a Mine the Size of the Burj Khalifa

It's been almost four years since 33 Chilean miners were trapped below the surface of the earth for 69 days. A story published this week by The New Yorker reveals some additional stunning details about their harrowing rescue, and some astounding new information about the mine itself. Read More >>

How an iPhone Saved a Child From the Bottom of a Well

Here's a new spin on one of Apple's old marketing campaigns: if you don't have an iPhone, you can't rescue a baby from the bottom of a well. Read More >>