This Iron Man-Inspired Robot With Jet-Powered Feet Is a Master of the Splits

Robotics engineers at Guangdong University of Technology’s School of Automation in China are bringing us one step—albeit a much larger step—closer to realising Tony Stark’s fictitious Iron Man suit. Their new robot features jet-powered feet that greatly improve the bot’s balance, agility, and capabilities. Read More >>

Researchers Figured Out How to Turn 3D Models Into Cute Knitted Toys

If you consider yourself a master of the yarn but have grown tired of knitting socks, sweaters, and scarves, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Textiles Lab are about to breath new life into your craft with software that can turn almost any 3D model into a knitting pattern. Read More >>

A Guy With a Hockey Stick Is the Only Thing Stopping Door-Opening Robots From Escaping

If last week’s video of Boston Dynamic’s SpotMini robo-dog opening doors all by itself had you worried, don’t be. The bot’s creators have done everything possible to ensure the public’s safety by hiring a guy to thwart the robo-dog’s escape attempts using a hockey stick. Phew! One less thing to stress over. Read More >>

Russian Twitter Trolls Were Up To Their Usual Tricks After Four UK Terror Attacks

While Facebook and Google claim tat Russia-based accounts didn't do much, if any, meddling around Brexit, Twitter can't really say the same. Now another study has been looking at how Russian trolls behaved on the platform, and found they were up to their usual meddling tricks immediately after four UK terror attacks. Read More >>

It’s OK to Give Your Kids More Screen Time, Say Researchers

How much time are you allowed to let some sort of display act as a babysitter before it becomes bad for your children? It's a debate that's rumbled on for as long as screens have been a thing, and pops up a lot more often now that we live in the age of tablets, YouTube, video games, and all those other high tech things kids love to star at. Well the latest addition says its alright to let your kids have more time in front of a screen. Read More >>

NASA’s New Titanium Airless Tires Are Nearly Indestructible

Stretch a Slinky toy too far, and eventually the metal coil will be warped so much it won’t be able to return to its original spring shape. That’s a problem also faced by the metal spring tires designed to roll across our Moon, and other planets our rovers are exploring. But NASA has created an alternative, made from titanium, that can tackle any terrain and always return to its original tire shape. Read More >>

Resist The Urge to Pet Boston Dynamics’ Newest Robodog

Sony recently announced that its robotic dog Aibo is back from the dead and will hit Japan early next year. But even a super expensive robot toy can’t compare to the amazingly fluid motions of Boston Dynamics’ new and improved SpotMini, which looks like a genuine (yet still pretty frightening) replacement for your loyal golden retriever. Read More >>

Conservationists Have Called for Action to Protect Welsh Spiders

Nobody likes spiders, and anyone who says they do is either a god damn liar or probably doesn't know what a spider is. They're creepy as fuck, and they hang around houses acting like they pay rent when the reality is they're dirty freeloaders. Well some of them are endangered, and conservationists want to make sure they get protection. Read More >>

A New Survey Says Brits Now Prefer Coffee Over Tea

In news that is normally relegated to science fiction and silly comics, one survey claims that the British people now prefer coffee over tea. The British people and tea go together like the French and croissants, Germans and beer, or Americans and obesity. So this is pretty surprising to hear. Read More >>

Could This Squishy Robot Be the Future of Robotics?

The phones in our pockets might be getting more and more complicated, but many researchers advancing the field of robotics are actually engineering simpler bots designed to reliably perform very basic tasks. So instead of one day facing a terrifying future filled with terminators, these squishy rolling donuts might be our biggest threat. Read More >>

Brits are Ambivalent About Driverless Cars, Says Survey

Are driverless cars the future? Some people agree, some do not. That's according to a survey UK Autodrive consortium, which claims only a third of people would use a self-driving car. Another third would not, while the opinions of the final third seem to be missing. I can only assume they're either not sure, or waiting to see how much promise the tech has for the general population. Read More >>

NASA Will Chase the Upcoming Solar Eclipse Using Telescopes Mounted on Jets

Observed from the ground, the total solar eclipse happening on August 21, when the Moon completely blocks your view of the Sun, will be visible for up to 160 seconds. It will be a fleeting glimpse of a rare phenomenon, which is why NASA plans to chase the Moon’s shadow using a pair of jets. Read More >>

Magnetic Tape Data Storage Breakthrough Will Make Your Hard Drive Seem Tiny

The amount of data you can squeeze onto a hard drive continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with Seagate announcing a 60TB SSD late last year. But thanks to IBM and Sony, tape might still reign supreme when you need to archive massive amounts of data, as the companies have jointly developed a new kind of tape that can reportedly hold 201 gigabits, or roughly 25GB, per square inch. Read More >>

Stanford Designed the Most Phallic Robot You’ve Ever Seen

Designing simpler spacecraft is what helped us finally put rovers on Mars and start exploring the Red Planet. Embracing simplicity might also give us simple, inexpensive robots that thrive doing very specific tasks, instead of multi-million dollar humanoids that have trouble just staying on their feet. Read More >>

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This Printer Doodles Stick Figure Robots to Explore Areas We Can’t

Building a robot that can replicate everything a human can do is both impossibly complicated and expensive. So, researchers at the IT University of Copenhagen are taking the exact opposite approach: building incredibly simple robots, on-demand, that only do what humans can’t. Read More >>