We Are One Step Closer To Large-Scale Algae-Based Biofuel

Making biofuel from algae has just got a little bit easier, as a newly engineered strain produces twice as much oil as its wild parent, according to Californian researchers. Read More >>

Scientists Just Worked Out How To Wirelessly Charge Electric Cars, On The Go

Imagine charging your electric car with the very road it is driving on, as it drives. There's a new way of charging devices wirelessly, based on fundamental physics, that works even when your device is moving away from the power source. Read More >>

Earn ££££s Working From Home and Catching Whooping Cough

A team of researchers at Southampton University has an interesting proposition for anyone able to take a few weeks out of their lives -- catch a nasty disease to help create better vaccines and earn over three grand. Read More >>

Microsoft’s AI Just Shattered the Ms. Pac-Man High Score

According to Twin Galaxies, the official high score for the arcade version of Ms. Pac-Man belongs to Abdner Ashman, with 933,580 points. Or at least it did, before an artificial intelligence developed by Microsoft achieved the maximum possible score for the game, 999,990. Read More >>

Scientists Created Biodegradable Microbeads So Your Face Scrub Won’t Pollute Our Oceans

By now it’s well documented that those tiny plastic microbeads used in face scrubs and toothpastes are contaminating lakes and oceans at an alarming rate. Starting next month they’ll be officially banned in the US for personal care products, but oily faces rejoice, eco-friendly replacements are already in the works. Read More >>

Digital Footprints Paint an Eerily Accurate Picture of Europe’s Refugees

Using search data collected by Google, researchers at the Pew Research Center have reconstructed the journeys taken by refugees flowing into Europe from the Middle East. It represents a new way of tracking migration patterns—but the technique could eventually lead to misuse. Read More >>

The Scientists Turning Air Into Drinking Water, With Renewable Energy

Manufacturing 2,000 litres of drinkable water, extracted from the air (using renewable energy), at a cost of less than a penny per litre. Read More >>

Rock-Balancing Robots Could Build Our Future Habitats On Mars

Like maintaining a zen garden, or pruning a bonsai tree, some people stack and balance rocks as a way to relax. But robots don’t really experience emotional stress, so why bother teaching a bot to balance rocks? One day, this robot’s skills could prove invaluable when it comes to building structures on distant worlds we’re trying to colonise. Read More >>

virtual reality
BeBop’s Smart Fabric VR Gloves: Rubbing Fake Stuff Has Never Felt Better

So you've got your fancy virtual reality headset and a computer powerful enough to drive its twin displays. You don your goggles, fire up your VR app of choice and strike one of several goofy stances. Then what? There are many ways to interact with the artificial worlds developers are coming up — joysticks, remotes and other gizmos — but nothing's quite as natural as your hands. And hands need gloves, like BeBop's sci-fi VR gloves. Read More >>

This Cyborg Dragonfly Is the Tiniest Drone

The smaller a drone gets, the more places it can be easily flown. But while many researchers have been trying to tackle the monumental challenge of building drones that look and behave like tiny insects, a new approach has engineers giving Mother Nature’s existing creations drone-like upgrades. Read More >>

How Have I Lived My Whole Life Without an Extra Pair of Robot Arms?

If you’re jealous of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, but don’t have billions of pounds to build your own, a group of Japanese researchers have come up with a cheaper, and arguably more useful alternative: an extra pair of robot arms that can help out when your own limbs are busy. Read More >>

Researchers Discover a Method That Could Triple Our Screen Resolutions

A research team at the University of Central Florida has developed a new surface that allows the tuning of individual subpixels on a display. The breakthrough might mean the potential display resolutions on LCD TVs could triple, virtually overnight. Read More >>

Study Shows E-Cigarettes Cause Lung Damage

A recent study has shown that electronic cigarettes can cause lung damage and are definitely not a harmless alternative to cigarettes. Read More >>

Scientists Just Made The World’s Thinnest Hologram

An Australian-Chinese research team has created the world's thinnest hologram, paving the way towards the integration of 3D holography into everyday electronics like smart phones, computers and TVs. Read More >>

AI-Powered Software Makes It Incredibly Easy to Colorise Black and White Photos

AI-powered software that can automatically colorise old black and white photos exists, but it’s often far from perfect. In comparison, manually colorising an image in Photoshop yields stunning results, if you’ve got lots of time and impressive skills. But a new app, developed at the University of California at Berkeley, cleverly merges both approaches so it’s easy to accurately colorise a black and white pic. Read More >>