Satisfy Your Spliff-Fuelled Hunger at the Cannabistro Pop-Up Restaurant

Have you ever smoked a spliff? Did you inhale? Did you then become consumed with the idea that a truckload of popcorn would satiate the hunger cravings you had? Did you then sally forth into the night to find said popcorn only to find that your local corner shop had only Doritos? And no popcorn? Read More >>

How Yelp Scores Make or Break Restaurants

Smart diners rely on restaurant reviews to find good food. But a new study investigates for the first time the complex relationships between online ratings and real-world success—and reveals that losing just half a star can leave a restaurant in ruin. Read More >>

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London Olympics Will Have World’s Largest McDonald’s Fast-Food Restaurant

The London 2012 Olympics, athletic event to top all athletic events, will be honoured with the installment of the largest McDonald's fast-food restaurant on Earth. Seems a little ironic, no? [Eater via FoodBeast - Images via McDonald's / Flickr] Read More >>