Walkers Launches Crisps to Aid Reminiscing About When Restaurants Existed

Walkers is having a bit of a nightmare at the moment, as the maker of non-essential luxury snackstuff "crisps" has scheduled the launch of a whole new range of flavours based on the famed tastes of five key restaurant brands. And apparently you can't cancel the meticulously planned launch of new crisps because of a mere global pandemic. Read More >>

London Popup Restaurant Literally Feeds Its Customers Like They’re Giant Babies

Generally speaking, there are only a handful of times in your life when its appropriate for someone else to be feeding you; when you're really young, really old, sick, or indulging in some sexy food play, Hotshots-style. A casual dinner out isn't one of them. Read More >>

Jamie Oliver’s Restaurants Plunged into Fryer of Administration

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's celebrity businessman credentials are about to be called into question, as the company that operates all of his high street restaurant brands has called in the administrators. It's the global finance equivalent of doing a runner without paying. Read More >>

Japanese Sushi Magnate Kicks Off 2019 by Ridiculously Overpaying for Bluefin, Regretting It

A Japanese restaurateur set a record on Saturday by paying nearly £2.4 million (333.6 million yen) for a massive, 613-pound Pacific bluefin tuna at the first auction of the year of Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market, and almost immediately conceded that perhaps he should not have paid that much, Reuters reported. Read More >>

Wahaca is the UK’s Most Ethical Restaurant Chain

A new way to judge the UK's most popular eateries has emerged: Ethical Consumer, a website dedicated to providing information on consumer ethics (surprisingly enough) has just published its research which ranks 30 popular restaurant chains from most ethical to least ethical. Wahaca restaurants, a Mexican street foot chain, came out on top with 8 points out of a possible 20, while half a dozen high street restaurants scramble for last place – ASK, Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge, Las Iguanas, Prezzo and Zizzi all just have a paltry three points each. Read More >>

Man Banned From Being a Boss After Awarding Himself Five Stars

A restaurant owner from Derby has been banned from being a restaurant owner – or any other kind of business operator – for five years, after awarding his own restaurant an entirely authority-less five star review and advertising it in local press. Read More >>

London Chef Apologises for Calling a Customer an Imbecile on TripAdvisor

London chef and former finalist in TV cook 'em up Masterchef Adam Handling has been forced to apologise, after going a bit too far in responding to a customer who left his restaurant a bad review on public travel opinions site TripAdvisor. Read More >>

These Pizza Boxes Turn Into Working, Greasy DJ Decks

That sad, empty feeling when the last slice of pizza gets eaten might be a little easier to bare now that UK Pizza Huts will be packing its grub in special boxes that turn into a pair of playable DJ decks, complete with mixer, letting you follow up dinner with some jams. Read More >>

Sweep Everything Off Your Desk and Make Room for This Lego Pizza Hut Machine

The latest addition to Astonishing Studio’s line of “sets Lego should really be making” is a miniature Pizza Hut that dispenses personal pan pizzas after you feed it money using a working currency slot. Imagine having pizza on-demand at your desk at all times, suddenly you’ll look forward to going to work. Read More >>

3d printing
3D-Printed Food Restaurant Coming to UK, But it Doesn’t Look Too Appetising

After tasting success over in Venlo in the Netherlands, 3D-printed food restaurant Food Ink. is about to set up shop in the UK -- in the most fashionable part of the capital, naturally. The experimental outlet will pop up outside the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch to serve nine-course dinners from July 25-27. Read More >>

London to Get Naked Restaurant (So Pick Something Spicy)

It’s not worth fighting it anymore. Everything’s gone fucking wrong. The giant, money-sucking circus that is London is to get its first naked restaurant, a pop-up (HAHAHAHAHA, get it?) called The Bunyadi, which is guaranteed to bring in the bantah boyz. Read More >>

watch this
A Portrait of a Chef Opening a Restaurant

Life and Thyme continues its excellent video series about food and chefs by taking a look at Chef Timothy Hollingsworth and his upcoming Otium restaurant. In this chapter, we see Hollingsworth take a visit to the fish market and cook a splendid looking dish while talking about what food and more importantly, passion means to him. Read More >>

‘Twin Peaks’ Restaurant Opens in London This Summer

An "immersive dining experience" that has been "inspired by the world of Twin Peaks" is the next niche eatery on the way to wow ironic Londoners with its unusual menu of offal/cereal/toast/, with a pop-up eatery celebrating David Lynch's TV masterpiece set to launch this August. Read More >>

Interactive Map Shows Which Restaurants in London are Dirty

If you fancy heading out this weekend to one of London's myriad restaurants, you might want to take a quick gander at this map before you do. Compiled using data from the Foods Standards Agency, it cleverly breaks down the pubs, restaurants and food outlets in London by their food hygiene score. The results just may make you re-think your dining choices in your area. Read More >>

London’s Fashionable Food for the Month of March is… Porridge

A porridge cafe, called the Porridge Cafe, is now open for business in London's fashionable Shoreditch enclave, offering those bored of the ironic charms of posh cornflakes the chance to try the milky/oaty breakfast that used to be the staple foodstuff of the common man. Read More >>