I Miss the Game Boy Advance SP

In the pantheon of Nintendo consoles, I’ll readily admit the Game Boy Advance SP wasn’t the most exciting. It didn’t have dual screens and a stylus like the DS. It wasn’t absurdly tiny like the Micro, and it didn’t introduce colour to the platform like the Game Boy Color. It’s nowhere near as iconic as the OG Game Boy or as tragically doomed as the Virtual Boy. But this tiny backlit square handheld was my first Game Boy ever, and no one forgets their first love. Read More >>

The Wraith Deserves to Be Mentioned Among the Iconic ’80s Cult Movies

A murdered teen is resurrected as a revenge-driven alien who picks off the gang members who killed him in a series of deadly car races. That’s the basic plot of The Wraith, the 1986 film written and directed by Mike Marvin. I had an odd affinity for it growing up but hadn’t watched from the beginning in several decades. Recently, I decided to give it another go. I’m glad I did. Read More >>

You’ll Soon Be Able to Buy That Distraction-Free Rotary Mobile Phone

Earlier this year, Justine Haupt revealed a custom mobile phone she built that eschewed unwanted battery-killing distractions like a touchscreen. In its place was an old-school rotary dial for placing calls, and while it looked antiquated, there were apparently enough people as fed up with the state of modern smartphones that Haupt has created a new version that she will actually build and sell. Read More >>

My Science Project, a Big Middle Finger, and Me

A middle finger coming out of the boot of a car. That was literally my only memory of the 1985 sci-fi comedy My Science Project. For some reason – probably because I was very young when I first saw it – that image burned itself into my brain and for decades it was the only thing I’d associate with the film. Not the actors, not the plot, not anything. Just that middle finger. For 35 years. Read More >>

Do You Remember the Time Sega Made a Micro-Sized Self-Playing Grand Piano Too?

Yesterday, Sega revealed its Game Gear Micro throwback console and if you think putting just four retro games inside a tiny handheld with an even tinier screen was strange, the company has some even weirder gadgets in its back catalogue, including a meticulously detailed miniature grand piano that plays all by itself. Read More >>

I’m Completely Fascinated With this Handheld Wind-Up Pong Clone That Doesn’t Use Any Electronics

It’s absolutely primitive by today’s standards, but when Pong arrived in 1972, it was a technological marvel. So how did Tomy create a handheld knock-off of the game in 1977 when the electronics needed to miniaturise it didn’t exist yet? It created this mechanical alternative that might be one of the most bizarre portable gaming machines I’ve ever seen. Read More >>

This Upgraded NES Gamepad Doesn’t Actually Need an NES Console to Play Games

One-upping Nintendo’s efforts to shrink the original NES console, Taylor Burley sacrificed a tiny arcade cabinet to upgrade an old-school NES gamepad with not only a screen, but a small collection of retro titles that don’t need cartridges or even a console to play. Read More >>

The Evercade Simplifies Retro Gaming and I’m Surprised How Much I Love It

If you haven’t spent decades hoarding classic consoles and cartridges (plus an outdated TV) then dabbling with retro gaming can be a challenging minefield of half-functional emulators and sketchy ROM files. The Evercade aims to change that, putting collections of classic titles on cartridges that anyone who mastered the Game Boy can easily use. Read More >>

An Ultra-Rare Supersized Version of the Nintendo Game & Watch is Up for Auction

The auction house who recently sold the rare Nintendo Play Station console is making it harder and harder to be a fiscally responsible adult. Heritage Auctions has just listed another rare piece of video game history with a demo machine that was used to sell Nintendo’s Game & Watch handhelds; the precursor to the Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and the Switch. Read More >>

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One of the Xbox Creators Is Suing Atari Over Unpaid Work on Its Long-Awaited Retro Console

While other companies have been regularly churning out hardware that lets ageing gamers enjoy retro titles, Atari has turned the production of its own throwback console into a drawn-out soap opera, with the latest episode featuring a lawsuit from the console’s designer over unpaid work. Read More >>

Review: Opal Fruits, Temporarily Back on British Shelves in Their Original Flavours

Lately, a lot of us have been feeling that we'd quite like to turn the clock back to simpler times – times when the worst of our problems was a scraped knee, being called on to read aloud in an English lesson, or having to sing our least-favourite hymn in assembly. Read More >>

This Mini Switch Lite Knock-Off is Underpowered But Fun As Hell

Despite looking like a miniaturised clone of Nintendo’s Switch Lite, the Powkiddy Q90 lacks the power needed to play nearly every game released in the past 25 years. Guess there’s something to be said about not judging a book – or a console – based on its cover. The Powkiddy Q90 is, however, a solid and cheap way to enjoy 8- and 16-bit games from the NES, SNES, and Sega era, even if it’s a little overpriced compared to the competition. Read More >>

Starburst is Opal Fruits Again, For a Short, Glorious Summer

Whatever evil chemical conglomerate is behind the production of Starburst has decided it needs to win over the hearts of the older generation, as it's bringing back the Opal Fruits brand name for those who want everything to be like it was 20 years ago. Read More >>

The N64 Controller Almost Had its Own Private Second Screen

Few controllers in the history of video gaming had to do as much heavy lifting as the N64's. It not only introduced Nintendo fans to analog control sticks, it also included a slot for memory cards, and eventually the heavy Rumble Pak accessory. A second screen accessory almost happened too, but instead found its way into another classic console. Read More >>

CES 2020: The RetroN Jr. Lets You Play All Your Tiny Game Boy Games on Your Giant HDTV

Now that ThinkGeek is no more, Hyperkin will be carrying the “April Fool’s Day prank turned real” torch and turning the RetroN Jr. – a gag product it originally introduced on 1 April 2017 – into a legitimate way to enjoy classic Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance titles on a big screen TV. Read More >>