Harder Punishments for Revenge Porn are Coming

People convicted of posting revenge porn in England and Wales will soon face tougher sentences, with judges told to take into account how much effort the uploader put into damaging and embarrassing the victim. Read More >>

Government Pushed to Battle “Revenge Porn” in the UK

The UK's former culture secretary Maria Miller has asked MPs to consider toughening up laws on the posting of so-called "revenge porn" online, requesting that the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill laws are enhanced to introduce tougher penalties for those engaging in the shameful practise. Read More >>

Gumtree Seller/Scammer Gets Spammed With Entire Works of Shakespeare in Revenge

When Bristolian Edd Joseph transferred £80 to someone promising to sell him their PS3, he displayed just the kind of revenge-led thinking that turns an ordinary graphic designer into somewhat of an internet hero. Or Prince Hamlet... Read More >>

Ukip Councillor Suspended After Suggesting Gay Marriage Caused the UK’s Floods

The latest bizarre rant by a Ukip councillor has earned him a suspension, after David Silvester wrote an incredibly weird letter to a local newspaper in which he blamed the UK's recent spate of floods on the government's decision to allow same-sex marriages. Read More >>

US State Plans “Revenge Porn” Internet Ban

As well as being morally extremely dubious, it might soon be actually illegal to post "revenge porn" photos of ex-partners on the internet in parts of the US, with one state said to be planning to criminalise the act of posting rude photos of someone without their permission. Read More >>

Internet Troublemaker David Thorne’s Excellent Floodlight Revenge

Poor old "funny troller" David Thorne found himself victim of yet another frustrating scenario, when his neighbour installed a terawatt security lamp that illuminated his bedroom with "the light of a thousand suns". So David took the bulb out and put it in his neighbour's post box. More than once. Read More >>

The Most Ridiculous and Horrible (and Illegal) Way to Troll an Ex

We all get our hearts broken. But it takes a truly horrible insane person to turn that heartache into a despicable internet shame campaign. That's what one idiot in the US did when he posed as his ex-girlfriend on Craigslist and offered sex to any and all comers. Read More >>

Slag People Off From Beyond the Grave

If I Die is a Facebook app that lets users create a text status update or a particularly morbid video message, which will be pinged out to all your followers "if" you should happen to die. Read More >>