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Top Gear Is Still Better Than The Grand Tour, But Risks Making The Same Mistakes As Its Rival

When the BBC sacked decided not to renew the contract of Jeremy Clarkson, and when Clarkson responded by doing pretty much the same old show but on Amazon’s Prime Video platform, the events created what scientists call a “natural experiment”. Read More >>

Mute Is an Excellent Film Noir That Just Happens to Be Set in a Cyberpunk World

A scifi tale by virtue of its setting, but an old-school film noir at heart thanks to its story, Mute is a puzzle with eccentric pieces that eventually all fit together—perhaps a bit too neatly, given its fondness for jagged edges. But its love of sleazy neon and some unusual themes do much to make up for its contrivances. Read More >>

Blade II Is An Important Guillermo Del Toro Movie That Does Not Hold Up At All

Blade II is not as good as you remember. That is, assuming you even liked it in the first place. Back in 2002, I saw the film in theatres and liked it so much I rushed out to buy the DVD when it was released. However, revisiting the early Guillermo del Toro film this week didn't bring back fond memories -- but it still may be as important a Guillermo del Toro movie as anything else he's done, right up to this week's The Shape of Water. Read More >>

This Little Box Can Make Even the Junkiest Laptop a Gaming PC

You are probably surrounded by more computers than you know what to do with, whether it’s the phone in your pocket, the old clunker at home, or the sleek little ultra-portable you got from work. And while they are more than enough for everyday tasks, when it comes to real graphics prowess, I’m talking about serious gaming, 3D design, or photo/video editing, most systems don’t have the guts—or the space to accommodate the kind of silicon you’d need to push pixels around. Read More >>

GoPro’s Hero6 Is the King of Action

GoPro has been the leader on action cameras from the very beginning, and its brand has attained a kind of Xerox-like omnipotence—despite the company’s ongoing struggles in recent years. Amongst GoPro’s problems is the difficulty in making the improvements to its line look like anything more than iterations. With its new Hero6, GoPro has juiced its top camera’s guts to make it capable of some frankly incredible slow-mo action. Whether that’s enough to make a difference, remains to be seen. Read More >>

Justice League Isn’t Great, But It Sets Up Great Things to Come

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is both the best and worst of everything we’ve seen from the Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe movies. There are plenty of things to like, and about an equal number to dislike. But ultimately, its good things bumped up against the bad enough to leave me with hope and excitement for what’s to come. Read More >>

The New Star Wars AR Game is Clunky, Cool, Still Too Expensive 

The success of any AR game depends entirely on immersion: whether the player’s having so much they forget how massively dorky they look with a cafeteria tray stuck to their their face. Disney’s Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, a £250 standalone AR machine made in collaboration with Lenovo, succeeds at this in fits and spurts. Going toe-to-toe with Darth Maul in melee combat or commanding ground troops to retake ships is thrilling, but the package’s clunky, cluttered setup presentation wastes too much time in drawing in players. Read More >>

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is Almost too Much Fun for its Own Good

Imagine you were 10 years old and given five minutes to tear through a toy store. You’d sprint in, grab everything you wanted, and fall down from exhaustion at the end. It would be an amazing time, but with so much happening so fast, what would the real, lasting memory be? That experience, in movie form, is Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Read More >>

Propel Star Wars Battling Drone (2017) Review: Shameless Cash Grab This Ain’t

Drones! Star Wars! It seems like a match made in heaven, given how iconic some of the saga's ships are. Who wouldn't want a TIE fighter or an X-Wing to fly around? Anyone who says no clearly isn't a big fan, and probably watches Star Trek or something (...actually, some proper Trek drones would be very cool). Read More >>

The Essential Phone is Too Expensive to Have a Camera This Bad

In August 2017, Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, and his disciples at Essential Products descended onto this mortal plane to grace us with the PH-1 — a device that seeks to right the wrongs of modern smartphone design. Almost monolithic in appearance, the PH-1, or the Essential Phone as it’s more commonly known, is forged from a combination of titanium and ceramic meant to withstand the rigours of daily living without needing to be shrouded in ugly plastic cases. OK, let’s get real, there’s a lot of hype behind the phone, but is all that hot air really warranted? Ummm, no. Read More >>

Remember When Google Tango Seemed Like a Great Idea?

Every time a new platform comes out, the gadget world runs headfirst into a vicious Catch-22: How do you get people to adopt new technology when there isn’t any content, and if there isn’t anyone using the tech, how do you convince developers to make content for that platform? Recently, we’ve seen this situation unfold for VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Despite both systems’ ability to evoke profound jaw-dropping reactions from those who’ve tried it, VR is still too expensive and thin on content for people to really care. Read More >>

Shin Godzilla Adds a Political Twist to Cinema’s Most Iconic Monster

Godzilla’s a long-standing cornerstone of cinema, both in western and eastern culture. Rarely a year goes by without some kind of Godzilla flick coming to our screens in one way or another; 2014’s Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards, being the most notable recent addition. There was even Colossal earlier this year where a drunk Anne Hathaway controlled a Godzilla-like beast from the safety of her American suburb. Meanwhile, Japan’s been doing its own thing, and their latest offering to the genre is Shin Godzilla, which hit UK cinemas yesterday. Read More >>

Atomic Blonde is a Kick-Ass Super-Spy Movie That’s More Dramatic Than it Looks

In many ways, aspects of Atomic Blonde will be really familiar to fans of high-octane action movies. It invests a lot in ambitious set pieces and fight choreography, and features many predictable character archetypes. But it manages to tie together its Cold War setting and character arcs into a larger theme very, very well. Read More >>

The Dark Tower Turns an Epic Fantasy Into a Shockingly Mundane Movie

The biggest problem with The Dark Tower movie is that when it ends, you don’t feel the need to see more. Unlike the epic books that inspired it, the movie is streamlined to be one complete story. Hypothetically, this should be a good thing. But with The Dark Tower, that process removes any gravitas needed to make us care about what’s happening. The end results are a ho-hum 90-minute fantasy, peppered with action and mythology, but more forgettable than just plain bad. Read More >>

The iPod Shuffle Review (2017)

Apple is doing away with the iPod Shuffle, a gadget I’d eradicated from my mind until yesterday. And now I’m suddenly awash with emotion for a little white stick I hadn’t considered once in this decade. I’m going to miss the hell out of it. Damn you Apple, quit playing shuffle with my heart. Read More >>