Apple Watch Series 4 Review: A Giant Leap

No matter how sceptical we were from the very beginning the Apple Watch is everywhere now. You see them on the wrists of all kinds of people—not just tech nerds. It is officially a thing. And as of the Series 3 last year, it was even a pretty good thing that you could buy without feeling annoyed to hell by shortcomings. So where does that leave us with the Apple Watch Series 4, the device’s first major design overhaul since it was launched? Well, it’s a totally good, not regrettable thing, except bigger—and with bigger ideas that push the boundaries of how we think about wearable devices. Read More >>

There’s More Depth to DC Universe’s Titans Than You Think

The internet let out something of a collective groan after the first trailer of DC Universe’s new live-action Titans series dropped, in large part because of the show’s dark tone and Robin’s now-infamous “fuck Batman.” But Titans is something more than yet another glimpse of a gritty, hardboiled DC Elseworld. It’s a story about the kinds of foundational traumas that often push people to become heroic vigilantes and the myriad ugly realities that come along with that path in life. Read More >>

LG’s 5-Camera Phone Offers a Snapshot of the Incredible Multi-Lens Future

If the new LG V40 was a person, it would almost certainly be an AV nerd. On the outside, it’s dressed in a rather drab, but not offensive outfit. Inside, it’s got some serious camera talent. Read More >>

The HP Envy 13 Review: A Laptop With No Special Features to Speak Of, But Offers Good, Solid Performance

Some of you may have noticed that the start of the month also coincided with IFA, Europe’s biggest tech show filled with new announcements and product launches. I was on the show floor, doing what it is I do, and making sure the world knows about what was going on over in Berlin. Read More >>

The PS4 Finally Has a Super Customisable Controller, and It Is Excellent

It’s taken more years than it should have, but it’s finally here, a PS4-friendly answer to Microsoft’s ultra-customisable Elite controller. The Scuf Vantage might look like a weird third-party peripheral of old, but this officially licensed controller finally delivers all the weird little tweaks I demand, except now configured to actually work with my PS4. Read More >>

The Logitech Crayon Is a Great iPad Stylus for Kids. Artists? Not So Much

There was a small splash of enthusiasm when Logitech recently announced that the £65 Crayon, a more affordable “digital pencil” originally only for education customers, would be available to all iPad users. Calling it a “pencil” is problematic, though. It can’t do all the same things as a £90 Apple Pencil. And depending on what you want to do with an iPad, that difference can feel like a big deal. Read More >>

Withings Is Back With an Activity Tracker I Don’t Mind Wearing All the Time

Most fitness trackers are still ugly as sin. But Withings, fresh from its split with Nokia, is back to remind us that it doesn’t have to be this way. Read More >>

The iPhone XS Is Forever

I’m sick of buying iPhones. For the past decade, I’ve been buying them and loving them and breaking them and losing them and replacing them and, when September comes along, upgrading them. Last year, it cost me over £1,000 to get an iPhone X, and against my better judgement, I’m very seriously considering spending another grand to get the iPhone XS. Read More >>

Samsung 75Q9FN Review: The Best TV Money Can Buy?

Having a 75-inch TV in my living room has ruined me. Both physically and figuratively actually; unpacking a television of that size is bloody painful. But a bruised arm was worth it: Samsung’s 75Q9FN is a marvel. As it should be for the price tag, really. But it means that any other TV set actually in my price range is now sorely disappointing. Read More >>

LEGO Betrayal at Cloud City is a Lovely Star Wars Playset Let Down by the Hefty Price Tag

In addition to being an updated version of 2003’s Cloud City set (10123), Betrayal at Cloud City is also the first in LEGO Star Wars’ ‘Master Builder’ series. These seem to be sets that come with the same level of detail (and pricing) as the Ultimate Collector’s Series, but with more of a focus on playing than display. Here’s the full statement: Read More >>

World War II and Zombies Combine in the Kinetic, Intense, Overlord

Overlord is not what you’re expecting. Trailers and early buzz have pumped it up as a “Nazi zombie” film which, while true, doesn’t quite do it justice. Actually, Overlord is first and foremost a fairly typical, behind enemy lines war film about a group of soldiers who need to complete a mission. It just so happens that, to complete that mission, they’ll have to kill some Nazis who may be zombies, which undoubtedly kicks things up a notch. Read More >>

This Quirky Folding E-ink Typewriter Strips Away All of Your Fun, Productivity-Killing Distractions

The laptop computer is one of our greatest mobile productivity tools, and at the same time, a fantastic way to procrastinate with endless distractions at your fingertips. For those times when you’re racing a deadline, and can’t trust yourself with easy access to Facebook, King Jim’s new Pomera e-ink typewriter strips away all those distractions forcing you to just write—but it’s no laptop replacement. Read More >>

Samsung’s New Galaxy Watch Comes so Close to Delivering The Modern Wearable Dream

Divorce yourself from the far out sci-fi depictions and crazy nerd dreams of what a smartwatch is supposed to be for just a second, and instead think about what makes sense for a wrist-mounted device in 2018. You’ll quickly realise there’s a huge gap between reality and expectation, because while the idea of playing games or watching videos on a watch might sound neat, actually doing so on a screen that measures less than two inches across is simply miserable. Read More >>

What on Earth Makes an £1,100 Nvidia 2080 Ti Graphics Card Worth it?

Nvidia wants you to spend about the same as an entirely new computer on its latest top-of-the-line graphics card, the GTX 2080 Ti. You could get a great laptop or a very solid desktop for the same £1,100 price Nvidia’s new card commands. You could get a couple of PS4 Pros or Xbox Ones! You could get an iPhone X or a Samsung Note 9. Point is you could spend your £1,100 on a lot of different gadgets that do more than a graphics card—so how on earth can it be worth it? Read More >>

Kin Would Be Way More Interesting If It Knew What Kind of Movie It Wanted to Be

There are a handful of scenes scattered throughout Lionsgate’s sci-fi thriller from directors Jonathan and Josh Baker that are direct callbacks to Bag Man, the twin directors’ 2014 short about a young boy hiding a dangerous secret from the world. In those moments, you can see how the Bakers have grown as filmmakers in the years since Bag Man’s release and just what having a proper studio budget behind a project can do to a full-length cinematic adaptation. Read More >>