HMRC Told to Stop Cosying up to the Super Rich

A group of MPs operating as part of the public accounts committee has had a good old look at how HMRC handles the bloated tax affairs of the super rich, and has come up with a list of ways the national tax collector needs to toughen up. Read More >>

One Third of the “Super-Rich” are Being Investigated for Tax Fiddling

The National Audit Office has released a collection of data covering the tax affairs of the super-rich in the UK, saying that around one third of all people in the richest of the rich category are being investigated by the tax department in some way or another due to the complicated tax worlds they live in. Read More >>

UK’s Rich/Poor Lifespan Gap Grows for First Time in 150 Years

The gap in life expectancy between the richest and the poorest members of society appears to be widening, with an analysis of mortality stats showing that being rich is quite a help when it comes to living for a long time. As the recent 90th birthday of a well-known rich old lady ought to have already signalled. Read More >>

How Does Your Bank Balance Compare to Britain’s Richest?

The Sunday Times has released its 2015 Rich List, combining the inherited piles of the moneyed with the new wave of entrepreneur cash to reveal the wealthiest people in the UK. Read More >>

The Stark Difference Between the Rich and the Poor, Side by Side

The line is so thin yet the gap is so big. This ad campaign, Erase the Differences, shows how wealthy people and poor communities can literally live right next to each other but experience such different lives. You'd think the images are Photoshopped but they're just aerial photographs of real life living situations in Mexico. Read More >>

Britain’s 104 Billionaires are Worth a Combined £301bn

The number of billionaires in Britain has rocketed from 30 to 104 in the space of a decade, as overseas entrepreneurs flood the country thanks to our generous tax system, lovely old houses and selection posh schools for the fortunate kids of the super-rich. Read More >>

The 100 Richest Brits Together Have as Much Money as the Poorest 30 Per Cent of the Entire Country

Those lucky old rich people are continuing to get richer, with research suggesting the top 100 individual British moneybags grew their cash pots by a staggering £25bn last year. The 100 richest Brits have a combined total bank balance of £257bn, more than the estimated £255bn held in savings by the poorest 30 per cent of the UK population. Read More >>

Ridiculous £1000 Diamond Studded Business Cards

Business cards have become more of a hassle in a time when contact details can be shared electronically. But one company has chosen to ignore this obvious trend with a luxury card that tells people you're an arrogant arse. Read More >>