Report: Jack Dorsey Overruled Staff to Keep Alex Jones, White Supremacist Richard Spencer on Twitter

Twitter, the social media site for people who like getting angry at things, has long been a haven for misogynistic harassers, white supremacists, and garden-variety trolls. The site has claimed to be working on this, but its supposed commitment to change has been repeatedly undermined by their decision to do things like add a blue verified checkmark to neo-Nazi rally organiser Jason Kessler’s profile or refuse to punish toxic users like conspiracy kingpin Alex Jones. Read More >>

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Why Are Neo-Nazis on Twitter So Scared of Being Called Neo-Nazis?

Saturday's rally of neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and so-called “alt-right” activists predictably devolved into violence. One anti-fascist protester and two police officers are dead, and dozens more were injured by neo-Nazis in a fascist rally at the University of Virginia. But after the streets were cleared, far right thugs who participated in the demonstration seemed only concerned with one thing: not being called Nazis. Read More >>

Nazi-Loving White Nationalist Allowed to Tweet Again

Nazi-saluting white nationalist Richard Spencer—who coined the term “alt-right”—had his Twitter account reinstated, along with verification. In mid-November, Spencer was suspended from the site along with other prominent alt-right voices like Pax Dickinson and Ricky Vaughn. Read More >>