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This LSD-Fueled Rick and Morty Trailer May Actually Give You a Contact High

With Rick and Morty being just over a week away from its third season premiere, Justin Roiland and Cartoon Network have been dropping a series of weird, unsettling shorts to get everyone back in the mood, as it were. This new trailer for the show’s upcoming third season, however, takes it about 1800 steps further. Read More >>

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The Only Way These Rick and Morty Shorts Could Be Better is If They Were Canonical

Rick and Morty’s willingness to blatantly riff on and make fun of narrative tropes seen in scifi/pop culture is a large part of what makes the show so fun. While the show works perfectly find as 2D animation, it’s even more satisfying to see Rick and Morty getting into all kinds of craziness in as talking clay figures. Read More >>

Rick and Morty Season 3 Gets a New Trailer and Release Date

It’s finally happening! Adult Swim has announced the release date for the much-hyped third season of Rick and Morty, as well as unveiled a brand-new trailer. In short, it’s the “darkest year” ever. Read More >>

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Alcoholism Saves Rick and Morty From a Face Hugger in Alien: Covenant Crossover

You know what they say, kids: Don’t use drugs. That is, unless it would save you from getting killed by an alien. Read More >>

The New Rick and Morty Game Is One of the Best VR Experiences You Can Play

Growing up, one of my favorite CD-ROM games was called The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield. As games go, it wasn’t that advanced, but it let me take a virtual, interactive tour through my favorite television show. The game had in-jokes from the show, voices from the cast, and perfect attention to detail. It was awesome. Read More >>

Don’t Expect More New Episodes of Rick and Morty Any Time Soon

Hey, did everyone enjoy the surprise premiere of Rick and Morty season three? Did you think it meant—as it often does—that the season proper would start airing after it? Well, hold your horses because you’ve got a couple of months to wait. Read More >>

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How Rick and Morty Went From Spoof Short to Full-Length Favourite

There are certain shows with really clear origins. Almost everything on the US network CW (home of Arrow and The Flash), for example, comes from comic books. And then there are the shows that are weird and creative enough that you have to wonder a) how anyone came up with them, and b) how anyone put them on TV. Read More >>