McDonald’s Promises Rick & Morty Fans Will Get More Szechuan Sauce Soon

Last week it was announced that McDonald's would be bringing back the Szechuan dipping sauce, as popularised by Rick & Morty, in very limited quantities for a single day. That promotion turned out to be a complete disaster, with stores having a ridiculously small amount of sauce in stock, and fans overreacting to the news that they couldn't get a packet of sugary gloop. Read More >>

Rick & Morty’s Dan Harmon Explains Why Season 3 is Being Cut Short

People love Rick & Morty, but what they don't love is being forced to wait over a year for a new batch of episodes to arrive. So you can imagine fans' joy when it was announced that the third season would be getting 14 episodes, and their disappointment when that number was reduced back to the standard 10. Dan Harmon, the show's co-creator, has explained why that happened. Read More >>