Here’s How To Change Your Uber Pickup Location After Ordering A Ride

Everyone who uses Uber knows the feeling: you request a car to your "current location," confirm, confirm, ignore surge, confirm – and then you notice the pin is nowhere near where you are. And in between you and the location your driver is helpfully winging their way to is a 5-lane road, or a lake, or a pair of six-inch heels. Read More >>

Uber To Teach Drivers How To Make More Money

Uber's been talking to drivers, and today announced a series of new initiatives to address the feedback they got. They include a way to cash out the money you've made early, discounted ISAs and lessons on how to make the most money with your time. Read More >>

Uber’s Testing Charges for Leaving a Driver Waiting For 2 Minutes

Uber is testing stricter penalties for keeping drivers waiting and cancelling rides. Read More >>

Finding Your Passenger Rating on Uber Just Got Way Easier 

Want to know whether the drivers of Uber think you’re a complete dirtbag or not? Finding your passenger rating on the ride-hailing app is now a much simpler process. Read More >>

Uber Did Something Good for Once 

Uber has done something good, which will make the service more convenient. Read More >>