Lego Will Use AI and Motion Tracking To Turn Guests Into Minifigures at Its New York Theme Park

Have you ever dreamed of turning yourself into an inch-tall plastic figure who can’t bend their arms or legs, and must interact with the world using a pair of lobster-like claw hands? Lego’s new theme park, opening next year in New York, will make that dream a reality using sophisticated motion tracking and neural network facial recognition. Read More >>

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Legendary is Hoping to Make Pacific Rim Theme Park Rides a Thing

Galaxy’s Edge fever has seemingly inspired every movie studio to fast-track whatever franchise they can into an immersive theme park experience. Just this week Universal announced its vague intent for a new, presumably licensee-packed “Epic” land. Marvel’s making its way over to Disneyland. And now... Pacific Rim is heading to Indonesia? Read More >>

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What Does The Future Hold For the Roller Coaster?

If you’ve ever witnessed innocent digital thrill seekers thrown off a poorly-conceived ride on RollerCoaster Tycoon, you’ll know that the design of thrill rides is best left to the professionals. Brendan Walker is one such professional, and at New Scientist Live this weekend, he revealed some of the physics, mathematics, psychology and biology you need to have a grip on to ensure people are left scared, but not scarred. Read More >>

How Complex Technology Brings Ninjago to Life on Legoland’s Latest Ride

Recently I got to visit Legoland Windsor, which was a pretty cool way to spend a working day. Not only was I able to explore the park and get a glimpse of the model-making work done behind the scenes, I got to check out the latest ride to open up: the Lego Ninjago 4D interactive ride. Read More >>

A Water Slide Ferris Wheel Might Be the Most Stomach-Turning Ride Ever Invented

Water slides are best when they take you on a long meandering ride through curves and hills, but not every amusement park has room for a big installation. That’s why a German company has combined water slides with Ferris wheels to create this dizzying attraction that will have riders wondering which way is up. Read More >>

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Watch a Firefighter Ride a High-Powered Hose Thrashing Around Like a Raging Bull

Among the many dangers firefighters face at work each day, those high-powered water hoses have enough pressure to cause some serious damage if they ever got loose. But they also make for an entertaining makeshift carnival ride that looks far more aggressive than any sketchy mechanical bull you’ll find at a Western-themed bar. Read More >>

The New Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Exists in Its Own Unique Marvel Universe

This week, Disney opens their first Marvel Studios theme park ride in the United States, called Guardians of the Galaxy—Mission: Breakout! Though it features many, many elements from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, don’t let that fool you: the ride is in a world all its own... and it’s only the beginning. Read More >>

The Scariest Thrill Ride in the World Trades Safety for Sheer Terror

If you get queasy even on a docile Ferris Wheel, next time you’re at a carnival in Myanmar looking for a cheap thrill you’ll want to avoid a ride called the Tagada at all costs. Safety concerns aside, it looks like it would make even RAF test pilots lose their lunches as it spins and lurches, throwing riders in all directions. Read More >>

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An Amusement Park That’s Also a Giant Spa is Obviously the Greatest Idea Ever

The Japanese city of Beppu is known for its countless hot springs and spas that pop up around them. So much so, that the city’s mayor, Yasuhiro Nagano, pledged to build an entire spa-themed amusement park — although it might not be quite as awesome as the one featured in this promotional video. Read More >>

A Jet Engine-Powered Merry-Go-Round is the Ultimate Carnival Ride

You’re already accepting some level of risk when you climb aboard any carnival ride. So if you’re going to endanger yourself for some cheap thrills, this merry-go-round powered by real jet engines should do the trick. Read More >>

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Here’s Your First Sneak Peek at Star Wars Land

No doubt thrilled at the popularity of Pokémon GO amongst people who absolutely hate living in the real world, the Walt Disney Company has released the first image of the Star Wars-themed land being built at Disneyland Resort in California. Read More >>

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The Biggest Swing in the World Will Put Hairs on the Palms of Your Hands

Lunch firmly trapped in your guts? Keep it down there. This is the Nevis Swing, the New Zealand creation we’re utterly thrilled to be sharing the planet with. Just as long as it’s not this side of the planet. Read More >>

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How the Best Rides at Universal Studios Work

Universal Studios is a bizarre theme park that welcomes over seven million people a year. Lately, the big draw is a sprawling replica of Harry Potter’s world, though it’s long been famous for making tourists feel like they’re characters in one of Universal’s many hit movies. The technology involved in these spectacles, however, has remained a mystery—until now. Read More >>

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The World’s First Figure-8 Ferris Wheel Hangs 130 Metres in the Air 

If Las Vegas has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t open a new casino without some kind of gimmick. Be it a fancy exclusive restaurant, an amazing waterworks show, or the world’s first ferris wheel shaped like a figure-8, one which also happens to be perched 130 metres above the city of Cotai in Macau. Read More >>

The World’s Longest Zip Line Roller Coaster Looks Terrifyingly Awesome

Hanging off a zipline while you soar through the air is a great experience, but it's often just a straight-line run, and can rarely compare to the thrills you get on a roller coaster. So a bunch of enterprising Aussies had the brilliant idea to combine the two, creating the world's longest zip line that has you zig-zagging and looping your way through the treetops. Read More >>