I’m Sure Austria Is Really Scared by Uber’s Threats to Pack Up Its Toys and Go Home

Spurred on by looming unfavourable legislation and stock market disappointment, Uber is reportedly playing hardball again, this time with the entire country of Austria. Read More >>

Uber Lit £791 Million on Fire Last Quarter Because That’s What Uber Does

In its first earnings as a public company, Uber posted losses of $1 billion (£791 million) over the previous quarter, more or less matching investor expectations, because sending the GDP of Vanuatu off a cliff every three months is Uber’s current business model, more or less. Read More >>

Lyft Thinks It’s ‘Exciting’ That a Driver Was Working While Giving Birth

Lyft—the ridesharing app that most people only use when Uber surge pricing is too high—does something a lot of tech companies do: it runs a blog. It’s where the company publicly celebrates its own excellence, for things like new features and anniversaries. It’s also where, earlier this month, a story appeared praising one of the company’s drivers for picking up a rider while en route to the hospital to give birth. Read More >>

Uber’s New Privacy Policy Has a Massive Loophole

Uber has published an update to its privacy policy and it includes a loophole so wide you can drive a fleet of black taxis through it. Read More >>