Cops Bust Alleged Masterminds Behind Big-Ass Canadian Coin Heist

Most people have heard that the American penny costs more to manufacture than it’s worth, but Canada really has them beaten. In 2007, the country unveiled an enormous, 100kg gold coin with a face value of 1 million Canadian dollars and a metal value of around 5 million of the same (or about $3.8 million American). Then, somebody stole it. On Wednesday, German police arrested two people they believe to have been involved in the heist. Read More >>

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Seeing Hundreds of People Trying to Climb a Slippery Obelisk Is So Ridiculous

To cap off their first year at the Naval Academy, hundreds of plebes try to scale the greased down Herndon Monument to replace the hat on top of the 21-foot tall obelisk. It’s a fun tradition that teaches teamwork and caps off a hard year—but it looks oh so ridiculous to see so many shirtless human bodies recklessly piled on top of each other, like some sort of zombie horde trying to jump a barrier. Read More >>

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The Most Dangerous Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine

It's intentionally obnoxious but this video goes through all the ridiculously dangerous ways a person can open a bottle of wine. I'm talking about chainsaws, guns, rockets, blow torches, swords and more. I think my personal favourite is cracking open a bottle with the torch. Followed closely by chainsaw. [XtremeWineProduction via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Ridiculous £1000 Diamond Studded Business Cards

Business cards have become more of a hassle in a time when contact details can be shared electronically. But one company has chosen to ignore this obvious trend with a luxury card that tells people you're an arrogant arse. Read More >>