We Should Turn All Rifles Into Sweet Dispensers

Artist Constantine Zlatev, working with Kostadin Ilov, a computer scientist at UC Berkeley, has come up with a clever way to repurpose old weapons as sweet dispensers so that they only pose a risk to a perfect smile. Read More >>

Who Made the Rifle Emoji Disappear?

Unicode 9.0, which will be out June 21st, is one of the most highly anticipated releases in emoji history. Finally you will avail yourself of the need to type out the letters for avocado, bacon, selfie, face palm, and pregnant. But last month, one controversial emoji was removed from the lineup: Rifle. Read More >>

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China’s Laser-Guided Grenade Launchers are Deadly from Half a Mile

China's People's Liberation Army has been hard at work developing an under-barrel grenade launcher with similar laser-guided capabilities as those seen in the arsenals of US and UK armies. There's nowhere to run (or hide) once you're in these sights. Read More >>

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The Carl-Gustaf Looks Like a Bazooka But Shoots Like a Rifle

Sometimes, small arms fire just doesn't cut it. So when special forces teams around the world need more long-range, tank-stopping punch than a conventional bazooka or panzerschreck can deliver, they give Carl a call. Read More >>

These Computer-Guided “Smart” Rifles Will Make Anyone a Crack Shot

Not every soldier out there is a quick-drawing Billy The Kid -- some need a little more help when it comes to dealing death on the battlefield. A new breed of computer-aided weaponry could however, for better or worse, help make sure that their aim is true. Read More >>

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Holy Crap, This Real-Life Laser Rifle Cuts Through Metal Like Nothing

We've seen real laser guns before, pulling off tricks like starting small fires, or popping black balloons. That's cool, sure, but it's got nothing—and I mean nothing—on this crazy handheld laser rifle that eats metal for breakfast. Read More >>

What the Military Issue Rifle Is in Each Country of the World

Different strokes, different folks. Different guns, different countries. Here's a map showing the military issue rifle for each country in the world. You'll see familiar M4s, AK-47s, AK-74s, some M16s and tinkles of other weaponry. Judging by the map's choice of colours, it seems to group weapons that are of a similar family together by colour. Read More >>

Watch a Fully-Automatic Electromagnetic Pulse Rifle Demolish a Laptop

Mag-guns are pretty impractical, but they're always fun to fire. Larsplatoon knows first-hand. A few years ago he put together a crazy single-shot coilgun that tore up household appliances one 1.25 kilojoule shot at a time. Now, he's opted for full auto. And it's just as fantastic to behold. Read More >>

A Rifle-Turned-Slingshot That Shoots Knives Is Terrifying

This week Joerg busted out a deactivated M16A1 rifle (which he obviously has) and turned it into a slingshot. The launcher band mounts on the underside of the rifle barrel, and the weapon shoots two Cold Steel "Hide Out" neck knives aka really scary/sharp little suckers. Read More >>

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Russia’s Reinventing Its Most Iconic Weapon for the 21st Century

The Kalashnikov is one of the most well-known and widely-used weapons in history. More than 75 million of the Russian assault rifles have been produced since it entered service in 1949. And while AKs are renowned for their simplicity and durability, the 64 year old line is long overdue for a design update. But can modern materials and production techniques really build a better AK? Read More >>

This Digital Tracking Rifle Scope Only Shoots When Your Target’s In Your Sights

A company called TrackingPoint has developed what it calls an Intelligent Digital Tracking Scope that lets a shooter virtually mark a location so that the rifle will only fire when the intended target is in its crosshairs. Even if the trigger is squeezed, the rifle will only fire when it's on target. Read More >>

The Five Most Terrifying Weapons For Sale at Eurosatory 2012

Just because the US is the worldwide leader in military might doesn't mean the other world powers are just sitting on their thumbs. No. We're designing and building our own weapons systems, then selling them at trade shows like Eurosatory 2012, the world's largest military weapons expo. Read More >>

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This AR-15 Monster Rifle from Hell Comes Loaded with 9 Magazines, 3 Lasers, 3 Red Dot Sights and More

Man hero Iraqveteran8888 from YouTube just posted a video showcasing a monster AR-15 rifle that looks more like a mini-fighter jet than a gun. It's been customised with nine 30-round magazines; three lasers; three red dot sights for 100, 200 and 300 yards; four flashlights and a gunk of other human-destroying, earth-squashing fairy dust. Read More >>

And the Latest, Weirdest Internet Meme Goes To… The Riflestache

Atten-shun! Just when you thought you have seen all there was to be seen in the internet, here comes the riflestache. Guys making photos of themselves holding guns with mustaches painted in them. Yes, that's all. As you were. [Kitup] Read More >>

The Covenant Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against This LEGO Anti-Matériel Sniper Rifle

Granted, it may not actually shoot anything, but this 4.8kg, 160cm replica of Halo's SRS 99 Anti-Matériel sniper rifle is the perfect accessory for your Master Chief costume. Wait, whaddya mean it's already November?!? Check out Obvious Winner for more images. Read More >>