Oculus Lowers Tech Spec Barriers to VR Entry

The maker of the Oculus Rift VR headset has slightly lowered the minimum tech requirements needed to have a PC validated for the VR experience, thanks to a new software technique that lets the machine better fill in skipped frames. Read More >>

Oculus Rift Won’t Take Your Money Until Pre-Orders Ship

The boss of Oculus Rift, the company that may or may not revolutionise gaming and the world depending on your personal standpoint on strapping screens to your head, has gone on an internet news splurge, telling buyers how the pre-ordering process for the consumer VR headset will operate. Read More >>

Soar Like a Bird With the Oculus Rift…and This Crazy Flapping Machine

Oculus Rift can transport you to another reality and make your feel odd new sensations, but nothing we've seen quite tops this bizarre Oculus-enhanced machine that's supposed to make you feel like you're flying in the sky. Read More >>