Google Only Has to Respect Your ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ in the EU, Court Says

Google is not responsible for protecting people’s “right to be forgotten” in any countries outside of the European Union, according to a preliminary opinion from the European court of justice. Read More >>

Ominous ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Case With Global Consequences Heads to Europe’s Highest Court

Following the laws of individual nations becomes a hell of a conundrum when your business fundamentally has no borders. But recent court cases are threatening to make the situation even more difficult by demanding that a country’s laws be honored by companies like Google all around the world. On Wednesday, an ongoing case with terrifying implications was kicked up to the European Union’s highest court. Read More >>

UK Orders Google to Remove Links to Stories About Google Removing Links to Stories

Europe’s “Right to be forgotten” laws have come to an apex of dumb: Our own Information Commissioner’s office has ordered Google to remove links to stories about Google removing links to stories. My brain hurts. Read More >>

BBC Is Listing Pages Removed By Google Under EU Right-To-Be-Forgotten

A year has passed since the EU ruled that people have the “right to be forgotten” online, and Google has been busy removing links when people ask it to. But the BBC has been keeping track of its articles that Google has de-listed—and now it’s published the list online. Read More >>

How Google Decides if You Have the “Right to be Forgotten”

It’s a year since the EU ruled that people have the “right to be forgotten” online, in the process ordering Google to remove links when people ask it to. Here’s how they decide who deserves to have their requests granted. Read More >>

The BBC is Publishing a List of the Articles Removed From Google Searches

The EU court's decision to make Google consider a person's 'right to be forgotten' has been controversial for a number of reasons, particularly among journalists and the media. Requests by EU citizens has led to articles from news organisations across the world being removed from search results.The BBC is going to make sure they aren't lost to the depths of the internet by publishing a list of articles removed due to the policy. Read More >>

Wikipedia Reveals Which Pages the “Right to be Forgotten” Law Killed

Earlier this week, Europe's controversial "Right to be forgotten" legislation started going after Wikipedia pages. Now we know more: Wikipedia has revealed the five pages removed from Google searches, adding up to more than 50 links in total. Read More >>

The “Right to be Forgotten” Will Soon Hide a Link to Wikipedia

We all know about the "right to be forgotten", the controversial EU court ruling that allows people to request that search engines do not display certain links. Well it was been revealed yesterday that one link that will be removed is a link to Wikipedia. Read More >>

Your Right to be Forgotten Beats Google’s Right to Remember

Last week, Microsoft's Bing joined Google in acquiescing to the EU high court's "right to be forgotten" ruling, which allows European Union citizens to petition for the removal of search results about themselves that are "inadequate…no longer relevant, or excessive." The Court of Justice sees it as a victory for privacy protection; Google sees only censorship. The company that aims to catalogue the world's knowledge thinks it has a right to know it all. Read More >>

Google’s Accepting Half of ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Requests, But Won’t Say How it Decides

After a meeting with with European regulators yesterday, Google has revealed that it has received around 91,000 'right to be forgotten' requests to de-index around 328,000 links since the ruling from the EU courts came into effect in May. It turns out Google has accepted half of those requests. Read More >>

One Website Wants to Track Every Search Result Google Erases by Request

Europe recently decided that folks have a "right to be forgotten" on the internet, giving people the opportunity to get results they don't like erased from Google and other search sites. But the internet never really forgets, and here's proof: Hidden From Google, a new website that documents the things people ask Google to erase. Sneaky. Read More >>

Google Ended Up Receiving 12,000 Right to be Forgotten Requests on Day One

Earlier this month the EU told Google that it had to support an individual's right to be forgotten, and should amend search results accordingly. Despite some criticism, especially from America, Google has announced that on day one it received 12,000 right to be forgotten requests from people all over the EU. Read More >>