This REO Speedwagon Cover is the Best Thing BlackBerry Ever Made

BlackBerry is trying to destroy the best thing it ever made. Not the line of hardware keyboard phones, or the less-relevant-than-ever BBM service. I'm talking about the music video. That mind-blowingly earnest and inexplicable REO Speedwagon cover about BlackBerry 10. It's gone now. What the fuck, BlackBerry? Read More >>

Lack of Beleibers at BlackBerry Cost Company Bargain Justin Bieber Deal

The rise and fall of the BlackBerry brand is examined in depth this week in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and offers plenty of insight into the see-sawing fortunes of the company. One surprising anecdote? The company once turned down a super-cheap offer to work with an up-and-coming teen star: one Justin Bieber. Read More >>

How to Make the BlackBerry Playbook Actually Useable

By killing off the rumoured BB10 update for the Playbook, BlackBerry basically stabbed its 7-inch tablet in the heart and lungs. As a result, though, new Playbooks can be had for around £80. Given the hardware isn't terrible, that's a bit of a bargain. And it's even better when you mod it to do actually-useful things. Read More >>

BlackBerry Boss Reveals Plan to Take BB10 to “Another Level”

BlackBerry boss Thorsten Heins is already bigging up the smartphone company's next new thing, claiming there's some super-secret "new product" he's really excited about. But obviously he'd rather lots of people bought the Z10 before he tells us any more about it. Read More >>

BlackBerry’s CEO Says the iPhone Is Outdated

With the launch of the last-chance Z10 around the corner for the rest of the world, BlackBerry is giving itself a pep talk to keep those hopes high despite not exactly doing great on our shores. And according to CEO Thorsten Heins, the iPhone's hardly in the race BlackBerry's fixin' to win because it's old news. Read More >>

BlackBerry Z10 Review: Not Good Enough

Everybody knows what's at stake for BlackBerry. The Z10 is its shot to stop its considerable bleeding and shut everyone up. But launching a brand new OS with brand new hardware isn't easy. And it's even harder to match expectations when both have been delayed again and again. Read More >>

Why History Shows That BlackBerry is Doomed

If there was one word to sum up general opinion on the BlackBerry 10 launch, it would be 'meh'. There's a feeling that it's too little, too late. But we've been here before -- back in 2009, with Palm, and it seems that BlackBerry's going the same way. Read More >>

40 Per Cent of BB10’s Apps are “Wrapped” Android Conversions

RimBerry's happy statement that the new BB10 phones are launching with 70,000 bespoke apps was a bit of a white lie, with one of the company's own men admitting that up to 40 per cent of these are frantic Android port jobs. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the New BlackBerrys

Last night the world held its collective breath as RIM BlackBerry took its sweet arse time trotting out the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 and amidst all the shenanigans, the company formerly known as RIM managed to show off a few notable new BB10 features, too. In case you missed all the live coverage last night, you can find everything and anything related to BlackBerry 10 below. Read More >>

BlackBerry Z10
Yes, the BlackBerry Z10 Is 4G in the UK, But There’s a Problem

So, BlackBerry's finally pushed a new flagship out, and like any good flagship phone it's packing LTE. In fact, it's available on 4G right now, thanks to EE. The most interesting thing, however, is it'll also potentially support the other UK networks' 4G -- Vodafone calls it "4G-ready" -- but, there's one small issue: Only one of our UK 4G auction bands is actually supported. Read More >>

BlackBerry’s Best Trick: Nailing Work-Life Balance

Last night BlackBerry demoed what it's calling BlackBerry Balance, a clever way of separating one's personal and work lives in one device. You don't see it as much these days but carrying two phones — one for business, one for pleasure — was commonplace not too long ago. I remember having a BlackBerry 6200 alongside my Sidekick 2; and I'm sure a lot of you remember those days as well. Read More >>

BlackBerry Q10 Hands On: We Missed You, QWERTY

The BlackBerry Z10 might be the prom queen of the BB10 launch, but the Q10 and its physical keyboard is what a lot of people are actually waiting for. "Will I still be able to have a BlackBerry like my BlackBerry after this?" Sure, just better. Read More >>

BlackBerry Z10 and Q10
The BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Are Finally Here: What Do You Think?

So, RIM is now just BlackBerry. BlackBerry 10 is finally here too, and we've been bestowed with not one, but two new BB10 handsets -- the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. Even the PlayBook's getting in on the BB10 action. But what do you really think? Is this enough to save RIM BlackBerry? Or are we just staring down the barrel of another "Palm Pre moment"? Read More >>

BlackBerry 10
Here’s BBM Doing Everything You Wish iMessage Could

At first blush there's a lot to like about BB10, BlackBerry (née RIM)'s last great hope at redemption. But the first thing you might love is the revamped BBM. It's crazy slick, and your iPhone is jealous. Read More >>

BlackBerry Q10
Blackberry Q10: The Next Generation QWERTY Beast

BlackBerry's QWERTY handset for BlackBerry 10 is here. BlackBerry 10 does away with a lot of baggage that has been holding BlackBerry back, but the QWERTY keyboard is here to stay, and this slim, lightweight Q10 phone is its future. Read More >>