Google Suspends Xiaomi’s Nest Integration After User Appears to Pick Up Strangers’ Camera Feeds

Google has cut off access to its Nest Hub and Assistant for Xiaomi devices after a user was reportedly able to view still images from other camera owners upon linking his Xiaomi camera to his Google account. Android Police first reported on the incident after a Reddit user posted about the disturbing encounter. Read More >>

Say “I Suppose You’ll Do” With a Poundland Engagement Ring

Are you a man? Have you been badgered into proposing even though there are few taxable benefits to the union nowadays? Then why not show your disillusionment with the institution of marriage by proposing with a Poundland engagement ring. Read More >>

Mars Might Have Had a Kickass Big Moon Instead of Two Tiny Crappy Ones 

Orbiting our dusty red neighbour are two puny potatoes, Phobos and Deimos. They look like they belong among the worst (but not the absolute worst) moons in the solar system, but their existence might tell a crazy story about Mars’ history. Read More >>

Smash All the Screens in Your House and Hide From the Well Witch, the Rings Trailer Is Here

Of all the things in this trailer—the body horror, the water coming from nowhere, the hand coming out of the TV—I think the thing that worries me the most is that these people went to Vincent D’Onofrio for help. Read More >>

Jewellery Made From an Actual SR-71 Blackbird is Cool as Hell

Anyone wear a fancy ring, but how many people can say their bling was made from materials that once flew at mach 3.2+ on the famed Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird spy plane? Now that’s some provenance. Read More >>

Fujitsu Having a Pop at a Smart Ring With “Air Writing” Recognition

Another lumpy thing is coming to make the human finger a little more modern, with hardware conglomerate Fujitsu claiming it's preparing a smart ring that'll let wearers write messages by drawing in the air. Read More >>

There’s More to This Image of Saturn Than Meets the Eye

Although it might look like a lot of the other images you've seen of Saturn, there's far more to this picture than meets the eye. Read More >>

How Enormous Cosmic Dust Rings Form Over 100,000 Years

When it comes to planetary accessories, we've got our moon, but lovely as it is, it doesn't hold a candle to some of the flashier bits of flair out there. I'm talking about rings. Here's where they come from. Read More >>

What Life on Earth Would Look Like If It Had Rings Like Saturn

Every so often when the Moon is especially ginormous or we can see Venus or Mars from Earth, humans collectively freak out. So cool three-exclamation-points, we scream. Look how big with thirty i's, we yell. And it's warranted! Seeing things that don't belong in the sky pop up, well, in the sky is fun. So could you imagine if one day Earth developed rings like Saturn? It would be insane. Read More >>

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Can You Find Venus Hiding Inside Saturn’s Rings?

If you're looking at the picture above and now checking your screen to see if you have a dead pixel, don't worry, you don't. That's just Venus hiding through Saturn's rings. Taken by the Cassini, Earth's twin planet looks like a blinding white speck of dust. Read More >>

This Indiana Jones Ring Is Worth Way More Than Any Golden Idol

How do you propose to the ultimate Indy fan? Not with snakes or crystal skulls, that's for sure. You pop the question with the snap of a whip. Or at least a whip ring. Read More >>