Swiss Town Replaces Church Bells With Ringtones, Ushers in Hell on Earth

While the local catholic church and its bell tower undergo renovations in Lucerne, a small town in Switzerland, the city reached out to students at the nearby university to help find a replacement for the hourly chimes that are now silenced. Their solution? Blast out the sounds of a smartphone’s ringtones instead, the BBC reports. Read More >>

A Pianist Recreates Popular Ringtones, and the Results are Actually Really Fun

Musician Tony Ann recreated popular ringtones—like the iPhone’s Marimba and T-Mobile’s jingle—with a piano. Hearing other people’s ringtones in real life is totally annoying, listening to their piano arrangements is quite nice (in a “hey, I know this tune but can’t quite figure out why I know it” sort of way). Read More >>

Nokia Hired An Entire Orchestra Just To Put Out a Couple of Measly Ringtones

Nokia was looking at some of its numbers when somebody noticed that the popularity of classical music ringtones was pretty high, second most popular in fact. So did they shrug this inane newes off with amused sighs and feeble "that's neat"s? Not at all. They went out and hired a whole 55-piece orchestra to whip up 25 more. Overkill maybe? Read More >>

Get Your Beatles Ringtones Now, Exclusively On iTunes

Are you a massive Beatles fan? Do you just have to have your phone spout out Hey Jude every time it rings? Well if you own an iPhone it’s your lucky day -- you can now waste all your money on every single track from 1, in ringtone form. Read More >>

Mobile Phone Ringtones Make You Stupid

That bloke’s Beyoncé Single Ladies ringtone in the cubicle next to you isn’t just annoying -- it’s also draining your brain. A study out of Washington University shows that ringtones actually damage learning and can make you 25 per cent dimmer. Read More >>

Taliban Ringtones Are Saving Lives in Afghanistan

There's really no sense in buying ringtones anymore. That is, unless you're living in Afghanistan and need to convince threatful Taliban checkpoint guards you're not an insolent Coalition dog, but a Taliban sympathiser. Then your novelty ringtone might just save your life. Read More >>

Apple Now Sells You Ringtones Directly Through Your Phone

In full compliance with Apple's "never use your computer for anything ever again" initiative, you can now buy ringtones and alert tones directly from your iPhone. REJOICE. [TheNextWeb] Read More >>

Get These Spacenerdgasmic NASA Ringtones for Your iPhone and Android

Attenshun space nerds with NASA underpants! NASA is now offering some really awesome ringtones for your iPhone, Android or whatever other phone you have. You must must must get these. MUST. Read More >>