We Finally Know Why The Olympic Diving Pool Turned Green

For nearly a week now a mystery has surrounded the Olympics and it wasn’t what country would reign supreme: why did those pools turn green? Read More >>

The Olympian’s Breakfast Contains Meat, Nuts, and Even More Meat

If you want to get as fit as an Olympic athlete you need to dedicate your entire life to training in your sport. You can also eat a whole lot of meat and nuts for breakfast. And when we say meat, we mean real meat—the kind you can’t get in basic supermarkets. Read More >>

How Much Pee Would It Take To Turn An Olympic Pool Green?

One of the frothiest stories to bubble forth from the shit-tastic Rio Olympics this week was the sudden, inexplicable greening of not one, but two Olympic pools. Read More >>

Even Volunteers Don’t Want to Show Up for the Olympics

According to former International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge, volunteers are invaluable at the Games. “Volunteers are true Olympians. They transmit the true spirit of the Olympic Games,” Rogge said in 2012. Unfortunately, many volunteers this year appear to have ignored this and said “fuck it” instead. Read More >>

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The Shittiest Airbnb Deals at the Rio Olympics

For two weeks, homeowners in Rio de Janeiro will have some highly desired real estate as people from around the world flock to the city (perhaps cautiously) to watch the Olympic Games. Basic economics would suggest the locals will engage in a little bit of price gouging. But woah, some people are getting super gutsy. Read More >>

Nike’s New £921 Sunglasses are Really — Wait, £921?!

For top runners, like the elite specimens competing in the Olympics, every last thing you wear needs to be engineered for comfort and speed. So Nike and Zeiss took inspiration from human anatomy for a new pair of sunglasses that wrap around an athlete’s head. Read More >>

Carpet Cleaner Sues For Its Right to Tweet About the Olympics

A small business in Minnesota is suing over the US Olympic Committee’s ban on tweeting about the Olympic games. The Committee announced last month that non-sponsors are banned from even using hashtags like #Rio2016 or #TeamUSA. Zerorez, a carpet cleaning business in Minnesota, will file suit in District Court on Thursday. Read More >>

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The Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony Sounds a Bit Grim

The build-up to Rio 2016 hasn't exactly been joyous, thanks to Zika, major organisational issues and doping. A new report from our mates over at Deadspin says that parts of the opening ceremony of the Games will be similarly grim in tone, with Gisele Bündchen in line for some rough treatment. Read More >>

Greg Rutherford Freezes Sperm Due to Rio Olympics Zika Virus Fears

Rio 2016 is going to be fascinating for all the wrong reasons. British athlete Greg Rutherford -- you know, the one everyone swears is a dead ringer for Neil Patrick Harris -- has decided to have his sperm frozen ahead of this year’s Olympic Games because of the Zika virus. Read More >>

The Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Expands as Though it’s Floating When Lit

The biggest question on everyone’s lips about the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro is whether or not they’ll be a huge disaster like Sochi. But at least we now know that the torch will be cool, automatically expanding to reveal a series of coloured sections as soon as it’s lit. Read More >>

The New Branding for Rio 2016 Looks Like a Very Friendly Amoeba

Hundreds of thousands of people attend the Olympics, and millions more watch them. So there's a lot riding on the way a city presents them, from advertising to stadia. Rio just revealed what its 2016 Games will look like, and they've done a great job. Read More >>

However Nice It’d be to Host the Olympics Again, Rio’s Games Aren’t Moving Here

For all our cynicism in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympics, it turned out to be a patriotically-charged pride-fest. Mo! Ennis! Let's not forget Long Jump king Rutherford! But despite reports that 2016 host-city Rio is woefully behind on its preparations for the games, the International Olympics Committee has moved to squash rumours that the games could return to London. Read More >>