Google’s Day of Ripping Off Other Companies

From the moment Google’s big product event kicked off on Wednesday, it seemed as if every speaker was attempting to temper expectations and say, in not so many words: “We get it, you’ve seen this before. But this time... Google’s doing it.” Read More >>

Sorry Snapchat, Instagram Stories Kicks Your Arse

I didn’t want to like Instagram stories, not one bit. I think it’s not very nice of Instagram—which, if you don’t remember, is owned by Facebook—to basically rip off the concept of a smaller competing app for its own benefit. Instagram has 300 million daily active users, while Snapchat has half that. Still, here I am, already four images deep in my first ever Instagram story—I have yet to update my Snapchat story today—and I must admit, dang Instagram, you did goooood on this one. Read More >>

Instagram Totally Ripped Off Snapchat’s Stories Feature 

Instagram announced a brand new feature today, which is really just a recycled version of one of Snapchat’s signature elements: stories. Read More >>