That Squishy Key Piano is Now Available as a Free 3D Touch iPhone App

At £600 for the small version, Seaboard’s Roli keyboards — with their touch sensitive squishy keys that let musicians enhance their performances while they play — aren’t cheap. But taking advantage of the 3D Touch feature packed into the iPhone 6s, there’s now a free Roli app that provides a similar experience on your phone. Read more >> Read More >>

There’s Now a Compact Version of The Roli Piano With Squishy Tube Keys

Roli's Seaboard brought some genuine innovation to electronic keyboards (not just another Rick Astley remix demo mode) with soft touch-sensitive keys giving musicians new ways to play. And now there’s a compact version called the Rise for those who don’t have room for 88 keys—err, tubes. Read More >>

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If This Incredible Short Is Anything to Go By, Rockstar Should Definitely Make a GTA Movie

What you're looking at here is RISE an incredible GTA-inspired short film that blows every other fan-made project I've ever laid eyes on completely out of the water. If the director, Gevorg Karensky, can do this without serious backing, imagine what a full-blown GTA movie would be like. Truly awesome. Read More >>