Citizenfour Documentarian Debuts Trailer for New Film About Wikileaks

Filmmaker Laura Poitras has been documenting Julian Assange’s exploits for six years. In that time, the Wikileaks founder has gone from liberal darling to Sarah Palin’s favourite rootin’-tootin’-techy-guy. Now, Poitras has reached a point that she feels the story can be told and she’s released a trailer for her new film Risk. Read More >>

Plants Can Make Some Decisions Better Than Humans

Plants, they’re just like us. Or at least enough like us that they can still judge risk and make good decisions even though they happen to have a few handicaps that we don’t. Read More >>

Risk Is Getting a Complete Makeover in 2016

In the board game world, Monopoly has undergone more facelifts than an ageing movie star. But now, after going mostly unchanged for over 50 years, it’s time for Risk to finally get some fresh paint, polish, and redesigned game tokens. Read More >>