Deptford Dolphins Symbolise The Thames’s Return to Life

The River Thames, which was once a sort of combined open sewer and industrial waste pipe abhorrent to all forms of life apart from the hardiest strains of the E. coli bacteria, is now teeming with proper animal life thanks to decades of us being more careful about what gets pumped into it. Read More >>

See an Entire Muddy River Bed Transplanted Inside an Art Museum

If you've ever been to the Louisiana Museum in Denmark, you know it's one of the most dramatic museum locations around: perched on a rocky cliff above Øresund, looking out over the ocean, it's easy to find yourself staring out to sea instead of at the art. Now, Olafur Eliasson has brought the landscape inside the museum. Read More >>

River in China Mysteriously Turns Blood-Red Overnight

The residents of Wenzhou, China, woke up last Thursday to discover that the inner city river had turned blood-red. Everyone is puzzled, as this has never happened before and nobody knows the cause yet. China Radio International reports: Read More >>

New York’s East River Looks Spectacular Half-Frozen

New York's frozen East River—seen from Pier 1 Playground in Brooklyn—is evidence of the extraordinary cold temperatures gripping much of the central and eastern United States this week. Video of the scene shows the ice choked waters moving at a surreal and unexpected speed. Read More >>

Amazon vs. Amazon: Should the .Amazon Domain Belong to Bezos or the River?

Amazon is busy trying to gobble up all kinds of top-level domains—.book, .read, you name it—but it also has its eye on .amazon, too. Turns out that the Brazilian and Peruvian governments have something to say about that though, and would rather snag it for the famous river. Read More >>

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This Is What It’s Like to Really Live on the Edge

The ordered lines of Jerome, Idaho (population: 10,000) start to disintegrate as you approach those parts of town that teeter on the edge of the Snake river canyon. Here the homes are "unregulated and unzoned", says photographer Michael Light, who took this shot from his own light aircraft. Read More >>

Curiosity Has Found a Riverbed on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover has found evidence of an ancient riverbed on Mars. While it's now dried up, it's the first ever evidence to prove that running water once poured over the surface of the red planet. This is huge. Read More >>