Earth Has Many More Rivers and Streams Than We Thought, New Satellite Study Finds

Rivers and streams cover much more of the planet than geologists previously estimated, according to a new study published in Science. In total, this new estimate shows that, excluding land with glaciers, Earth is covered by just under 300,000 square miles (773,000 square kilometres) of rivers and streams. That’s more square footage than the state of Texas, and it’s as much as 44 percent higher than previous counts. Read More >>

Scientists Think They Know Why the Caspian Sea is Shrinking

The Caspian Sea is about as strange as a body of water gets. Its surface still sits 27.5 meters (90 feet) below sea level, and water doesn’t flow out of it—it’s isolated from the oceans, and relies on a series of Asian rivers to maintain its levels. Read More >>

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What Caused an Entire Yukon River to Vanish Almost Overnight?

Last summer, a team of geologists set out on an expedition to study Slims River in the Yukon, but when they got there, the once majestic river was nowhere to be seen. The scientists attribute the missing river to a retreating glacier, which caused a dramatic shift in the direction of water flow. It’s yet another example of climate change affecting our planet in unexpected ways. Read More >>

India and New Zealand Were Wrong to Recognise Rivers as Persons

Courts in New Zealand and India have granted legal personhood status to three rivers. The strange status is meant to protect the waters from pollution, but the measure could lead to unintended consequences, while undermining efforts to grant personhood status to living beings who actually deserve it. Read More >>

Why Did This Russian River Suddenly Turn Blood Red?

A river near an industrial town in Russia has turned suddenly blood-red. But it’s not an omen of something mystical wrong in the cosmos. Rather, the source of the problem is probably a leaky factory upstream. Read More >>

Deptford Dolphins Symbolise The Thames’s Return to Life

The River Thames, which was once a sort of combined open sewer and industrial waste pipe abhorrent to all forms of life apart from the hardiest strains of the E. coli bacteria, is now teeming with proper animal life thanks to decades of us being more careful about what gets pumped into it. Read More >>

London’s Garden Bridge Over the Thames is Actually Happening

The mad plan to build a garden bridge over the Thames looks like it'll actually go ahead, with the £150m project set to be approved by planners this week. Read More >>

What Lies Below: A Look at Secret Subterranean London

Every year millions of tourists flock to London to marvel at its historic buildings, parks and attractions, but if you scratch beneath London's surface, you'll reveal a dark, intimidating web of abandoned stations, military tunnels and historic catacombs. Read More >>

This Bomb-Proof Thames Fort Hideaway is Yours for £500,000

This amazing wrong-side-of-the-riverside property is currently on the market, with half a million quid gaining an incredible old fort in the Thames that's only reachable by boat or at low tide when wearing shoes you're not particularly fond of. Read More >>

Seven Cities Making Their Urban Rivers Swimmable Again

It's almost time for another steamy, sweaty summer in the city—and nothing looks like it might cool you off more than that sparkling waterway winding through the centre of your downtown. But can you really swim in it? In more and more cities, the answer is a refreshing yes. Read More >>

How to Get a Fish to Cross a Dam

Imagine you're a herring, maybe about a foot long, swimming merrily upstream when you suddenly hit a giant concrete wall. How do you cross it? Engineers are now designing new fishways disguised as broad, rocky pools that help migrating fish make their way through dammed up rivers. Read More >>

Locals Suggest £90k Anti-Flood Sausage Won’t Work

This enormous thing has become known as the Chertsey Sausage, the media-friendly name for a temporary flood barrier the army and Environment Agency have stuck alongside roads in Surrey. Some like it, some try to climb it, some think it's a waste of time. Read More >>

The Thames is Pumping London’s Plastic Pollution out into the North Sea

While the surface of the Thames may look relatively clean these days, underneath the boat trippers lies a mass of discarded plastic, which is flooding out into the Thames Estuary and along into the North Sea. Read More >>

Mystery Post Box Appears in Stone Bridge Above the Thames

Postmen in the small town of Sonning-on-Thames are currently bewildered by the appearance of a new post box, which has supposedly just blinked into existence in the middle of an old bridge over the river Thames. Read More >>