Ford’s Cooked Up an Emoji Jacket for Cyclists to Help People ‘Share the Road’

In a bid to stop people killing cyclists - through terrible accidents or mere frustration - Ford has designed a snazzy jacket capable of displaying emoji as well as road signals. Read More >>

If You’re Dumb Enough to Not Wear a Seat Belt, the New Penalty May Make You Think Twice

The government is getting super serious about seat belts, with drivers facing penalty points on their license for not strapping themselves in. Read More >>

Scottish Council Rejigs Pothole Rules to Cut Repair Costs

Today’s episode of Council Gaffe of the Week (it should be a real show) features Perth and Kinross Council, which has decided that it’s worth risking people’s safety in order to save cash. The local authority has ruled that potholes need to be at least 60mm deep for it to consider filling them. The previous minimum depth was 40mm, so it’s a significant alteration to the rules. Read More >>

Is Bosch’s New Foot-Vibrating Car Pedal the Future of Driving?

Seemingly taking inspiration from the iPhone 6S’ 3D Touch display, Bosch has unveiled a new 'Active' accelerator pedal that’s designed to both save you money and keep you from crashing. However, if you have supremely-ticklish feet, it could be one to avoid. Read More >>

The US is Willing to Sacrifice Safety to Get Self-Driving Cars on Roads

The US Transportation Department says it may get rid of some of the red tape that’s currently hampering the progress of self-driving cars. Anthony Foxx, the transportation secretary over in the States, says he wants to speed up development of self-driving vehicles, and is ready to chill the hell out in order to make this possible. Read More >>

Volvo is Designing the Autonomous Car That Could Eliminate All Traffic Deaths

As usual, traffic was apocalyptic on the motorway. So I queued up the Master of None episode I didn’t finish the night before, pulled out the Greek yoghurt I hadn’t had time to eat for breakfast, reclined my seat way back, and relaxed. I may have even dozed off as my vehicle steered its way towards Santa Monica. Read More >>

Swiss Safety Advert Shows Texting Teen Smashed by a Car

If you've ever bumped into your fellow pedestrians while texting at the same time as walking to work, a new advert about road safety will chill you to the core and probably prompt you to keep your phone in your pocket on your daily commute. Read More >>

This Norwegian Road Tunnel Exists Solely to Set Fire to Things

The Runehamar Tunnel on the west coast of Norway is a piece of disused underground road infrastructure that has found an unexpected second life through its new and bizarre purpose: it now exists solely as a place for setting fire to things. Read More >>