Fully Autonomous Cars Should be on the Road by 2019

A fleet of properly driverless, fully autonomous cars should be allowed out onto the motorways of the UK by the end of 2019, backed by a development fund of over £8m from the Government's Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. Yes, we have one of those. Read More >>

Collapsing Old Bridges are the New Tutting About Potholes

The UK's scenic collection of old bridges is in danger of becoming the nation's new infrastructure disgrace and source of outrage, as our thousands of heritage river crossings are in danger of falling apart unless we hire a fleet of bricklayers to fix them all up. Read More >>

This Never-Ending Parade of Snow Plows Is Easily the Best Way to Clear Snowy Roads

If you’re from a place where it snows a lot (I’m not), and where people don’t annoyingly complain about how cold it is all the time (not me), and are totally prepared for the winter months (also, not me), you’re probably not as surprised as I am about this seemingly never-ending stretch of badass snow plowers attacking each lane of the snowy road until it’s all cleaned up. Read More >>

They Really Are Sticking a Massive New Road Under Stonehenge

They're almost certainly going to dig a tunnel right under Stonehenge, and then, to further infuriate the ancient sun and star gods, it'll be filled with cars going to second homes in Devon and Cornwall. Read More >>

First Large-Scale Solar Road Opens in France

Normandy village Tourouvre-au-Perche has finished building what it calls the world's first solar embedded road, which is a bit wrong as there have been some small ones created before -- but this is definitely the first big proper one that goes all the way off into the distance like that. Read More >>

How Would You Redesign Speed Bumps?

The nice people at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have called on local authorities to introduce new measures to help reduce air pollution. Its recommendations include the introduction of: Read More >>

Unusual Cambridge ‘Ghost Roundabout’ Designed to Confuse Drivers Into Slowing Down

An unusual new traffic-calming feature built on Tenison Road in Cambridge is doing its designers proud by attracting lots of online attention and getting people talking about road safety. Read More >>

MPs Claim Smart Motorway Plans ‘Blatantly Ignore Safety Concerns’

The Commons Transport Committee is complaining that the government has rejected a critical report on the subject of motorway hard shoulders being turned into extra traffic lanes. Read More >>

New Road Safety Campaign Takes the Cyclists’ Side

The latest government road safety campaign to be launched under the THINK! umbrella is all about telling car drivers what to do and how best to not kill cyclists, with a six-point visual list feature telling drivers how to respect the space of bike riders as if this was bloody Amsterdam and cyclists were people. Read More >>

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Watch a Huge Swarm of Machines Pave a Road in Russia

There are so many trucks and pavers and steam rollers paving Moscow’s Tverskaya Street in this time lapse that it looks like a massive swarm of machines have taken over Russia. The smaller road rollers look and move a lot like the little planes that launch from the mothership (which, in this case would be the dump trucks). Read More >>

MPs Want to Scrap Plans to Kill Off the Hard Shoulder

A new report from MPs on the Commons transport select committee has concluded that plans to permanently convert hard shoulders into traffic lanes are dangerous and should be reconsidered. Read More >>

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Here’s How Giant Machines Clear Roads on a Ridiculously Snowy Mountain

Mother Nature always forgets to end winter in places like Norway so it’s up to these giant snow blower tractors to clear the road. You can see how it works in the video below, the monster snow blower blasts through the layers of thick snow and carves out an open path, revealing the mountain road that was buried underneath. Read More >>

Pay £2 Billion for the M6 Toll Road and Scream in Horror as You Bleed Money

A 27-mile stretch of glorious British motorway could be yours, if your little ISA hasn't been smashed to pieces by the oil price crash, with an asking price of around £2bn said to be attached to the road. Read More >>

Not All Roads Actually Lead to Rome

Back when the Romans had the only good construction crews in town, it made some kind of sense that every road led to Rome. But in the modern era, how much does that hold up? Read More >>