Three’s ‘Feel at Home’ Roaming Just Added 11 New Countries

Three seems to have been a champion of free data roaming for quite some time. It offered the service long before the EU said networks had to, and has been adding more and more countries to the list of 'Feel at Home' destinations. It's also the only major UK network that would commit to keeping free roaming around after Brexit when we asked about it earlier this year. Read More >>

EE’s Being Accused of Throttling Roaming Data, Meaning You Could Have To Pay More On Holiday

Just over two months ago was the momentous day when the EU's ban on obscene roaming charges came into effect. That meant anyone, regardless of which network they were on, could use their allowances within the EU without being charged extra. Unfortunately EE customers are accusing the network of some shenanigans, because they're reportedly getting pathetically slow speeds. Read More >>

The Holiday Map is Dying as We Hold Phones in Front of Everything Now

Guidebooks and maps and scribbled directions to the cheapest noodles in town are on the way out, it seems, as travellers give up on researching their holiday in favour of getting their phone out upon arrival and hoping for the best. Read More >>

Three Is The Only UK Network That Will Commit To Not Reinstating Roaming Charges After Brexit

Yesterday was a big day for Europe, as mobile roaming charges were abolished across the continent. Thanks to the European Union's Digital Single Market initiative, mobile networks are now unable to charge you exorbitant fees when you travel in any of the 27 other EU countries. This means that you can call, text, and crucially use data as you would in Britain. Read More >>

EU Roaming Fees Are Abolished From Today – But Will Brexit Bring Them Back?

Today's the day! After years of negotiations and planning, today is the day that going on holiday to Europe just got a little bit cheaper, as mobile roaming fees have officially been abolished inside the European Union. Read More >>

Vodafone Scraps Roaming Charges In 40 Places

Good news if you're on Vodafone: they're getting rid of roaming charges in 40 places worldwide, which means 80% of customers' holidays will now be included in their data plans. Read More >>

Nuu Mobile’s New Mobile Contains a Virtual SIM for Low-Cost Travel Roaming

Mobile World Congress has already given us a whole host of new headline phones - the LG G6, the Huawei P10, the Xperia XZ - but the latest from lesser-known name Nuu Mobile, who've been quietly making phones since 2012, has an interesting point of difference for globetrotters. Read More >>

Europe Wants to Chop 90-day Mobile Roaming Time Limit

Our European friends, who we shall soon be gazing upon as some sort of elegant super-species from the future, are about to have one of the mobile world's oddest little laws ripped away. They want to remove the 90-day limit that mobile operators can currently apply to their roaming agreements. Read More >>

Three is Expanding Feel At Home After the Summer Holidays End

Feel At Home, Three’s holiday service that lets you use your phone abroad without incurring those freakishly high roaming charges, is about to get better. Though it’s always been a major draw for me, as a fairly regular visitor of Germany I’ve always lamented its big, meaty, Deutschland-shaped hole. Read More >>

EE Roaming Problems Leave Holidaymakers Stuck Without Data, Calls and Texts

EE customers abroad are being forced to concentrate on their surroundings rather than their smartphone screens and say 'Wi-Fi?' in a funny accent to random passers-by, thanks to problems with the mobile network’s roaming services. Read More >>

Roaming Charges Compared: Do Vodafone, Three, O2, EE or Others Offer the Best Holiday Deals?

It may not feel like it right now, especially if you're reading this while sat behind a desk, having just polished off your rain-soaked Sainsbury's baguette, but holiday season (the ‘hotdogs or legs?’ kind, not the jelly-belly one) is upon us. As such, those of you with any cash left over after you’ve done the big shop and repaired your boiler and paid your little ones their damned pocket money are gearing up for a blissful week somewhere that isn’t the UK. Literally anywhere. Read More >>

Tesco Mobile’s Scrapped European Roaming Fees For the Entire Summer

Tesco Mobile has scrapped EU roaming fees for the summer, meaning that both PAYG and contract customers will be able to use their existing mobile tariffs to call, text and chomp through data abroad at no extra cost. Hurrah! Read More >>

Data Roaming Rule Change Will Kill the Traditional Boring Holiday

You know holidays? You know how they start? The first two days you're all lost in unfamiliar surroundings, sort of wishing you were still at home as, to be honest, it's all weird and boring and you miss your chair and the tea and the right kind of not-melted biscuit. Read More >>

Three Has Saved Customers £1.3 Billion in Roaming Fees

It's been just over two years since Three launched it's 'Feel at Home' roaming scheme, and in that time the network has revealed that it's saved customers a grand total of £1.3 billion pounds. Read More >>

EU Strike Preliminary Deal to End Roaming Fees By Mid-2017

What has the EU ever done for us? This is the question that will be on the lips of millions of voters as Britain snores its way to a referendum on our membership of the bloc in a couple of years time. Today that referendum fight might have just got a little bit more difficult for Nigel Farage and the "out" lobby, as the EU has announced plans to end mobile roaming fees by mid-2017. Read More >>