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This Unsettlingly Accurate Deepfake Casts Tom Holland and Robert Downey, Jr. in Back to the Future

Deepfake technology continues to weird me out. It seems just a matter of time until it changes how we experience visual media. These just look so damn persuasive, and I have to imagine they’re only going to get better. Or worse, depending on how you look at it. Read More >>

Who Put This Dragon in the New Dolittle Trailer?

When you think “Doctor Dolittle” a number of things like “talking animals” and “some of Eddie Murphy’s finest work” come to mind. What doesn’t tend to come to mind is “fire-breathing dragons,” but the latest trailer for Universal’s new attempt as turning the Dolittle brand into an action franchise wants to change that. Emphasis on “wants.” Read More >>

OnePlus Brings Out the Big Guns By Getting Robert Downey Jr. to Promote its New OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro was officially unveiled this week alongside the OnePlus 7, and the company is really taking it up a notch by dropping a load of cash for Robert Downey Jr. to hold it in his hand while posing in front of a gorgeous McLaren, decked out in a suit and trainers. Read More >>

Robert Downey Jr. Is Teasing a Fourth Iron Man Movie Again

Whether or not there’ll be another standalone Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr. has been the subject of a constant back-and-forth debate for a while now. But Downey Jr. isn’t quite done stoking the fires just yet. He just announced he has at least one more solo Iron Man movie left in him. Read More >>

Robert Downey Jr. Will Be In Spider-Man Homecoming

It’s long been rumoured, but now it’s actually happening: Robert Downey Jr. will reprise his role as the Iron Avenger Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker’s feature-length entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read More >>

It Might Have Iron Man, But HTC’s New Full Ad Is Truly Bizarre

It's not often I'd think of writing about a leaked ad, but this one is just so weird it's worth looking at. All of HTC's advertising noodle has been spent on this. With Robert Downey Jr at the helm too. What the actual hell? Read More >>

Can Iron Man Save HTC?

We saw a glimpse of what looked distinctly like the back of Robert Downey Jr's head the other day. It seems we were spot-on in our guesses, as HTC's officially shown off the new £8m face of its brand. Iron Man apparently uses an HTC One now, but is that enough? Read More >>