RoboCop Returns Has a New Director Who Knows a Thing or Two About Bringing People Back From the Dead

Terminator: Dark Fate didn’t exactly set the box office on fire, but its tactic of ignoring certain franchise entries and calling itself a direct sequel (see also: 2018's Halloween) still holds tons of promise. Now RoboCop is moving forward with its own long-teased attempt at this, with an intriguing new director. Read More >>

A Small Update on the New RoboCop Movie, Which Is Apparently Still Happening

Last year, we got news that Neil Blomkamp, possibly as penance from the universe for not getting to make that Alien movie he was really hype for, was working on RoboCop Returns, a direct followup to the original 1987 film. Now, we’ve got an update that confirms that the movie, while moving slowly, is definitely still moving. Read More >>

8 Movies Featuring Reanimation (That Aren’t About Zombies)

It’s aliiiiive! The Bible gave Jesus an encore after death, but Frankenstein is what really brought reanimation to the horror-movie forefront, and the genre’s been embracing it ever since. We’re not talking standard-issue zombies here—in honour of Pet Sematary, we’re counting up our favourite corpses who’ve bounced back from beyond with a little something extra. Read More >>

What Year Is It? What Is Happening?

I don’t know how to live in a world where RoboCop is selling fried chicken. Read More >>

RoboCop Will Ride Again in RoboCop Returns From Director Neill Blomkamp

Yes, you read that right, there’s another RoboCop movie coming. Read More >>

London Police to Wear 20,000 Body Cameras by Next Year

As the world hurtles further and further towards Ubisoft's surveillance-hacking game Watch Dogs, the Mayor of London has announced that 20000 police in the capital could be wearing body cameras by the end of March next year. Read More >>

Maybe This 1/4 Scale Robocop Figure is Too Realistic

If the recent RoboCop remake has made you extra nostalgic for the original films, this 1:4-scale figure should provide you with all of the fond memories you need. In fact, with 30 points of articulation, and a face painted with a multi-layer technique that even shows veins beneath the skin, from a distance you might just mistake it for the real thing. Read More >>

The Original Robocop Was a Christ Allegory

The original Robocop, released in 1987 and directed by Paul Verhoeven, was not only one of the best science-fiction films of the last three decades—or, as Tom Scocca described it on Gawker, "a brilliant comedy operating in the guise of an ultraviolent action movie"—but it was also a Christian allegory. At least according to Verhoeven himself who, in a 2010 interview, referred to his resurrected robot hero as "the American Jesus." Let's discuss. Read More >>

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RoboCop Fans Crowdsource an Insane Remake of the Entire 1987 Movie

There's a big-budget Hollywood reboot of 1987's classic action flick RoboCop opening in cinemas this weekend. And while I'm not wholly convinced it can live up to the original, this mad-cap fan-filmed remake totally can. Read More >>

RoboCop Steals the Show at CES 2027

I'm no Mystic Meg, but I've got a feeling that CES 2027 is going to be big on cybernetically enhanced law enforcement. I have seen the future, and that's thanks to RoboCop. Read More >>

From Noah to Jupiter Ascending, These are the Movie Turkeys to AVOID in 2014

As I've already explained, 2014 is looking like a blockbusting year for the silver screen, with some massive movies set to hit cinemas right the way across the next twelve months. But the multiplex is never free of the odd turkey, and 2014 looks to have its fair share of those too. Read More >>

From X-Men to Godzilla These are the Movies to Watch in 2014

It's Christmas time, so you're likely reading this buried beneath a mountain of freshly-unwrapped DVD boxsets. You're grateful and stuff but, truth be told, you've probably seen half of them a hundred times before. There's no shame in popping 'em on eBay -- you know it's time to look forward towards what fresh silver screen delights 2014 has in store instead. Read More >>

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Robot-on-Cyborg Battle Action Shown Off in New RoboCop Remake Trailer

Yeah, yeah -- there's no need for a RoboCop remake, let alone a 12A/PG 13 RoboCop remake. But when it comes down to watching a drone army/cyborg-supercop smackdown, it's hard not to get a little bit excited. Read More >>

New Robocop Trailer: A Badass Robot Cop Built to Save the World

Holy shit, the new Robocop trailer is shaping up to be a monster of a movie about one monster of a human machine hybrid. The latest trailer details some of the backstory the movie will use to justify his existence. It's going to be awesome. And Samuel L. Jackson yelling stuff. Oh and Michael Keaton being evil. Evil Keaton is the best. Read More >>

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Here’s the First Trailer for the New RoboCop Movie

There are machines. There are guns. There are explosions. There are flying explosions. And of course, there's RoboCop. The first trailer for the reboot of RoboCop just popped up and it shows a bit of how this RoboCop becomes a man and a machine. And also shows a lot of things getting blown up. Read More >>